March 4, 2024

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That's the biggest problem Taylor Swift has in getting to the 2024 Super Bowl, and it's not the trip from Tokyo

That's the biggest problem Taylor Swift has in getting to the 2024 Super Bowl, and it's not the trip from Tokyo

When it comes to powerIt turns out that Taylor Swift's biggest challenge won't be getting to the match on time from Tokyo. As we are Created earlier this weekSwift, who will perform in Japan on February 10, will have plenty of time to get to Las Vegas for the big game thanks to the magic of the international timeline.

Since getting to Vegas likely won't be a problem for Swift, that means her biggest problem could be trying to stop her plane. In what may be the biggest First World problem ever, all private jet parking spots in Las Vegas are currently booked. According to the Associated Press.

There are four airports directly in the Las Vegas area, and these four have 475 parking spaces, but each one of these has been talked about as we prepare to head to power week.

Harry Reid International Airport is the main hub in Las Vegas: If you're flying commercial to the Super Bowl, this is almost certainly where you'll land. The city has several smaller executive airports — one in North Las Vegas and one in Henderson — but they are booked for Super Bowl weekend.

The problem for Swift is that the Super Bowl won't be the only sporting event in town during the week of the big game. LIV Golf is holding a tournament at Las Vegas Country Club, and the Saudi Arabia-backed golf tour has likely reserved several parking spots for the event. The only upside for Swift is that the tournament ends on Saturday and there's a good chance not everyone will want to stay for the Super Bowl, which means some spots may open up.

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Assuming she flies directly from Tokyo after her February 10 concert, Swift is expected to arrive in Vegas late Saturday night after the conclusion of the LIV Championship, although that will not guarantee her a spot.

Of course, this is Taylor Swift we're talking about, so there's a good chance someone is going to make something happen.

Michael Giordano, Partner Cirrus Aviation Servicea company that has few spaces in Las Vegas, He told the New York Post That Swift will definitely have a place to land.

“Taylor Swift will definitely have a place in NFL “The landing, but not necessarily a place to park,” Giordano said.

This is what's known as a “drop and go” flight, and if that happened, Swift and her crew would be dropped off in Vegas, but the plane would have to fly to an airport outside of Vegas to be parked. the NFL It works with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and local authorities during Super Bowl week, so the league almost certainly has the ability to find a landing spot for Swift, but an NFL spokesperson would not confirm any individual requests when asked by the AP.

The most likely scenario here is that Swift's private jet will drop her off in Vegas and then head elsewhere for her layover. At that point, Swift will attend the game and then spend time with Travis Kelce after the Super Bowl, meaning she likely won't need her plane again until she heads to Australia for her next concert. Swift has a tour date in Melbourne on February 16, so she'll likely be heading to Earth on February 13, so her plane could theoretically sit in Los Angeles or another airport until then.

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