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The European Commission says the Omigron variant, found in many European countries, is involved in “betting against time”.

The European Commission says the Omigron variant, found in many European countries, is involved in “betting against time”.

New variant of SARS-CoV-2, Omigron, spreading rapidly In the world, fears that new waves will pollute, countries are growing, Sunday, November 28, control measures. For their part, at the end of a storm campaign, the Swiss largely approved the establishment of a health pass.

According to a report established by Agence France-Presse (AFP) from official sources, the Covid-19 epidemic has killed at least five million people since the end of 2019. The United States is the country most affected by the epidemic, with more than 775,000 more deaths than Brazil (more than 610,000) and India (approximately 470,000).

However, taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly associated with Govt-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of infections in the world could be two to three times higher.

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  • Omicron variant has been found in many European countries

Omigron variant – discovered Wednesday by South African scientists, and Classified as “worrying” by the WHO Friday – Identified in several European countries.

Friday, the Belgium On November 11, the first country to announce the presence of this variant to an unvaccinated person from Egypt. Other cases were later identified UK, On Germany, On Italy And en Czech Republic.

Off Netherlands, Thirteen cases of Omicron variant pollution were detected among passengers returning by plane from South Africa: But the investigation is not over yet. The new variant can be found in other models ”, Let, Sunday, In a press release from the National Institutes of Public Health (RIVM). Sixty-one people who arrived in Amsterdam on Friday on two flights from South Africa were diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2.

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On France, Any contamination associated with this new variant is not currently systematically detected, but it is “Mostly a few hours”, Sunday, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, said after a visit to a Parisian vaccination center. “We have several potential cases. About ten. At this point, we are in potential cases.Government spokesman Gabriel Attle later told CNews today. “These diagnoses will be sent for sorting and we will know in the next few hours if there are positive cases of variance.”, He added.

  • According to the European Commission, “betting on time” against the Omigran variant

A “Competition against time” Ursula van der Leyen, head of the European Commission, said on Sunday that it was working to analyze the new omigran variant of the corona virus and to understand whether vaccines should be modified or not.

MMe Van der Leyen also called on people to take precautionary measures to give scientists time to study this variation: “It will take scientists and manufacturers two to three weeks to get a complete picture of the characteristics of these mutation mutations.”. “We need to save time”, He urged people to be vaccinated, wear masks and respect body distance.

He said the agreement signed this summer with the European Commission on Pfizer-BioNTech laboratory for the 1.8 billion dose vaccine contains a provision for a variant of the existing vaccine escape. With this rule, the lab can change its vaccine within a hundred days, he said.

  • Switzerland says yes to the law establishing the Health Pass

On Sunday, the Swiss, by a large margin of 62%, made it possible to make the law Health Pass, The highest turnout (65%) was recorded during a single vote.

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காவல்துறை ஆர்ப்பாட்டங்களுக்கு அஞ்சும் அதே வேளையில், பெர்னில் உள்ள அரசாங்க மற்றும் பாராளுமன்றத்தின் இருக்கைக்கு முன்னால் ஒரு சில டஜன் எதிர்ப்பாளர்கள் மட்டுமே கூடியிருந்தனர், உயர் பாதுகாப்பின் கீழ் மற்றும் சங்கிலி இணைப்பு வேலியால் சூழப்பட்டனர்.

The Govt certificate is reserved for persons who have been vaccinated or cured or who have been tested. Must enter a restaurant or bar, but watch an exhibition, a movie or an indoor sporting event.

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Tensions over the health pass issue in Switzerland, a country known for its culture of dialogue and compromise, have been the result of electric shocks. During the campaign, several politicians, including Health Minister Alain Borset, received death threats and are now in police custody.

Switzerland lags behind other countries in Western Europe in the proportion of about 65% fully vaccinated.

  • New restrictions in Israel and the UK

In the hope of slowing down the spread of the new variant – one of which has been confirmed in the country – Israel It will ban foreigners from entering its territory from Sunday evening. “Foreigners are prohibited from entering Israel except in cases approved by the Special Committee.”, Announced Office of Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett.

The announcement of these activities comes just hours before the start of Hanukkah’s Jewish holiday, Festival of Lights, during which many festivals take place. The rules regarding meetings remain unchanged, except for the requirement to provide a health pass for events attended by 50 people, compared to the previous 100 people.

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Vaccinated citizens wishing to enter the national border from abroad must present a PCR test and isolate themselves for three days, and for those who have not been vaccinated the action has been extended to seven days. The decision, taken at the end of a cabinet meeting responsible for the fight against Govt-19, halted the reopening of the border on the 1st.There is November, Vaccine for foreign tourists.

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New measures will also come into effect UKOn Tuesday, British Health Minister Sajid Javed made the announcement Sky News. So wearing the mask in traffic and in shops will be mandatory again.

During a news conference on Saturday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that he was stepping up efforts to curb the spread of the virus. “Anyone entering the UK to take a PCR test” Two days after he arrived “Isolate her until she gets results”. So far, antigen testing has only been requested two days after the arrival of international travelers and is not isolated until the results are available.

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