July 21, 2024

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The iPhone Mini may be discontinued after an Apple event this week after a three-year run

The iPhone Mini may be discontinued after an Apple event this week after a three-year run

Fans of smaller phones rejoiced when Apple introduced the iPhone 12 mini in 2020, followed by the iPhone 13 mini a year later. However, after nearly three years of availability, the end of the road may be near for the 5.4-inch device.

As noted by BloombergMark GormaniPhone 13 mini stock is about to run out, with Apple’s US online store showing a shipping estimate of two to three weeks for some models, and Up to 6-8 weeks For a few others. The shortage suggests that production of the iPhone 13 mini may be discontinued after Apple announced new iPhones at its “Wonderlust” event on Tuesday.

Apple didn’t launch the iPhone 14 mini last year, but kept the iPhone 13 mini available as a less expensive option, with pricing starting at $599 in the US. If you’re interested in buying the iPhone 13 mini, now may be your last chance, as it seems likely that Apple will discontinue the device on Tuesday after unveiling the iPhone 15 series. Apple’s new lineup is likely to consist of the 6.1-inch iPhone 15, the 15 Plus 6.7-inch, iPhone 15 Pro 6.1-inch, iPhone 15 Pro Max 6.7-inch, iPhone SE 4.7-inch, iPhone 13 6.1-inch.

While there initially appeared to be pent-up demand for a smaller iPhone, actual data indicated that iPhone mini sales were low compared to other iPhone models. In April 2022, research firm CIRP estimated that the ‌iPhone 13‌ mini represented just 3% of total iPhone 13‌ sales in the United States in the first quarter of that year.

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From now on, customers who want a small iPhone from Apple will have to settle for the entry-level iPhone SE, but even that device is rumored to be updated with a larger 6.1-inch display in the next year or two. At least for now, Apple seems to have realized that smaller phones aren’t very popular after all.