The RE8 mod transforms Chris Redfield into Ethan Winters’ baby Rose

Starting minutes (and, following 12 hours) Resident Evil Village A shocking experience for the protagonist Ethan Winters because friendly Chris Redfield attacks the winter house and kidnaps the young Rose Winters. But if those opening moments are hilarious, the child is the one who was stolen Little Chris Redfield? That is the inspiration behind it New mod for Windows PC version Citizen Evil Village, In which Chris’ wide head is used for digital baby Rose.

That’s all there is to say about this particular mod. The pictures tell the whole story beautifully. Its creator, ZTEC, Explained Nexusmots, “It was a dumb joke, it seemed in my head, so I had to do this.”

Here is a sneak peek of Chris’ abduction:

Image: Capcom via ZTEC on Nexusmots

According to JTegh, “Mini Me Chris” makes full use of Mod Rose’s current facial animations, so Chris cries out “even if some features look a little different”.

Motor’s other works are similarly inspired. One allows you Place YoRHa clothes (from Near: Automata) Among the daughters of Lady Dimitris, Another converts picture frame filters into photo mode Add Frank West Selby faces from Dead Rising4.

Added photo of The Duke from Resident Evil Village with Frank West Selby's face

Image: Capcom via ZTEC on Nexusmots

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