The Singapore shop chain is reminiscent of Taiwanese pineapples

Singapore’s supermarket chain NDUC Fair Price on Saturday said it had removed all Taiwanese pineapples from its shelves.

A Fair Price spokesman said customers who bought Taiwanese pineapples could ask for a replacement or a refund.

A spokesman for Fair Price, one of several Singaporean supermarket chains that imports Taiwanese pineapples, said it would work with the supplier to investigate the cause of the problem.

Photo courtesy of a reader via CNA

The pineapple went on sale on March 18 at Fair Price Supermarkets.

On March 25, the chain launched a two-week promotion campaign for Taiwanese agricultural products, including pineapple.

In Taiwan, Chen Junne-jih ((季), deputy minister of the Council of Agriculture, said the core rot in pineapples at Fair Price was due to suppliers not storing them at the proper temperature during shipping.

The Council has instructed Taiwanese pineapple suppliers to ensure that the fruit is kept from 11oC to 13oC from the manufacturer to the seller, in accordance with the Council’s standard operating practice for cold shipping.

Sen suggested that suppliers limit their pineapple exports and wait until one batch is sold before another batch is shipped.

Following China’s ban on pineapple imports from Taiwan on March 1, the sale of Taiwanese pineapples began at Fair Price supermarkets, citing an outbreak of pests.

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