FC Cincinnati unveils Zapp Stam on Twitter

FC Cincinnati unveils Zapp Stam on Twitter
Iris J Cook
Written by Iris J Cook

Unfortunately, the team’s big announcement on social media was mocked when Gough didn’t see the picture of the staff in the Twitter posting, instead of a photo of Ajax youth coach Tinus von Tuenenbrock.

In fairness, the two have a similarity, both are bald and of similar stature, but the red-faced Cincinnati media team acknowledged the lack of fanfare and media outlets before quickly correcting the error.

In a later interview on the club’s website, the 47-year-old Stam smiled at the incident and said he had several doppelgangers (doubles) in his native Netherlands.

“A lot of people who don’t have hair, in Holland, sometimes they say ‘Jap is on!’ “It’s a very common thing.”

In the case of von Teenenbrock, who had entered the spotlight unexpectedly, he told Fox News it was a common misconception.

“Ajax Showtime (FC) by Ajax

Whatever the case, the case of a misidentified case with the Colorado Rapids and New England Revolution did not prevent rival MLS teams from having fun.

Former Manchester United and Dutch international Star Stam has taken over after managing contracts in Reading in England and at PEC Zwolle and Feynourt in the Netherlands.

He retired at Fineur last October after a 4-0 loss to Ajax and took over in Cincinnati from interim manager Yvonne Damet.

As travel restrictions continue among the coronavirus pandemic, it is unclear when Stam will join his new team.

The MLS was temporarily suspended on March 12, but players returned to club facilities training on a personal basis before the reopening of the season later this summer.

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