Hollywood: Death-defying jumps fierce Parkour team has caught the attention of the film industry

Hollywood: Death-defying jumps fierce Parkour team has caught the attention of the film industry
Iris J Cook
Written by Iris J Cook
Of September British Parkour experts have amassed more than 600 million views YouTube And also worked on a Hollywood film.
Launched on 10/10/10, the group is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and has been filmed worldwide from Seoul to Madrid (favorite destination) for the past decade. But in the world Detention Changes need to be made.

They should be filming Nepal, but instead are looking for ways to create content from home.

Living separately, Storer members filmed their own videos and later edited the footage together. The best way is to create engaging content for their fans without encouraging them to violate the lockdown rules.

“I think it’s part of total maturity and we’re learning to understand our responsibility. We take the lockdown seriously,” said Drew Taylor, a professional parkour athlete and stormer member. CNN Sport.
Although Mastering Parker has come through many years of training, the group – Taylor, Toby Seger, Sacha Powell, Joshua Burnett Blake, Callum Powell and founders, Max and Benz Cave. Workshops for groups of refugees.

“I think most of us would agree that we are over-shooting our expectations of what we want to do with this as a child,” Taylor added.

The Stormer member watches the streets below.

The world is moving upwards

Last year, the group worked on the Hollywood movie set after the award-winning Hollywood director Michael Bay was invited to collaborate on the filming of ‘Transformers’ trilogy and ‘Bad Boys’ – ‘6’. Underground, his Netflix film starring Ryan Reynolds and Dave Franco.

Experienced cameramen were given the freedom to act appropriately, while also serving as actors’ stunt doubles.

During the set, the group performed acrobatics at well-known sites such as Florence Cathedral, training other actors in the basics of parkour.

Toby Seger jumps between objects.

Working on a Hollywood movie set is “to make sure we’re heading in the right direction,” Seger, one of the star members, told CNN Sport.

“It skips a lot of steps in the film industry, in terms of learning how to do it,” Seger said.

“It’s a really crazy position. We have control over these scenes here and we have control over some of the elements of this blockbuster movie. But it’s really good for the whole team.”

The Stormer member flies between two buildings.

The toll is taking over

But in creating jaw-dropping videos, bodies are pushed to the limit – which has consequences.

Segar – ‘Ninja Warrior UK’ winner – Taylor broke his ankle, smashing his four front teeth and breaking his collarbone.
Segar climbs toward a building.
“I’m essaying why I’m still doing it 14 years later, because those kinds of things happen so rarely because it’s worth all the gifts and how much it has improved our lives, like the physical benefits of exercise or friends'” Taylor – A World Record Holder For long front flip – explained.

“The sense of accomplishment and accomplishment you get by doing all these crazy things … If you break your ankle every 14 years, I take that risk because people will drink their weekends and break their ankles or arms when they go out of town. It’s not like being safe. ”

Parkour is dangerous. Please do not try to copy anything in this video.

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