Legally Blonde: The Musical

maxresdefaultBy: Lorrie Ellis

“Legally Blonde: The Musical,” opened on Broadway in 2007. Based on the 2001 novel by Amanda

Brown, and subsequent MGM film of the same name, “Legally Blonde: The Musical” explores the life of

sorority president, Elle Woods, as she crosses the country on a mission, following the love of her life

after he dumps her, only to find new love at Harvard Law School. After discovering how the law can be

used to help others, she uses her new found skills to defend a workout-queen in a murder trial, defying

the odds.

Stephanie McIntyre, who played Elle, the main character, is a senior at Ferrum and has most recently

been cast in Ferrum’s production of “The Crazy Quilt.” To prepare for her character, McIntyre said she,

“pulled a few law books and studied some of the things that were in the play so she could at least

appear to know what she was talking about.”

D’on Jones, who played Warner, is a sophomore at Ferrum. He said, “This was my first production here

at Ferrum. I enjoyed it and would probably do it again.”

Marybeth Bond, who played Vivienne, is a junior, and has performed in more than a dozen shows. She

was Elle’s rival for Warner’s attention once they arrived at Harvard. Marybeth said, “When my dad

heard about this latest role, he said I was being typecast and to a point, he was right, but you take what

you already have, build on it, and bring that to the stage.”

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