It’s More Than Just Social Media

By Alysia Goodley Although social media has various positive advantages, there are also plenty of disadvantages. With sites like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and Tumblr, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of people from all over the world and some- times lose yourself at the same time. Americans have become particularly emotionally sensitive […]

Theatre Student: Moving On To Bigger and Better Things

By Bobbi Guire The weekend of Oct. 27-30, a group of students in the Theatre Arts program went to the Virginia Theatre Association conference, an annual conference that has been held in Norfolk, Va. The conference is geared towards high schoolers, but there are workshops for everyone there. We had two students audition to go […]

Theatre Department in August: Osage County

By: Bobbi Guire August: Osage County was the main stage production this semester. It is about a dysfunctional family and the ups and downs that go along with that. There’s the father that disappears, the drug addicted mother who has cancer of the mouth, and the three daughters: Barbara, who is constantly fighting with her […]

“Bombassadors” Bring Bombas to Ferrum College Campus

By: Graceanne Gershner Here at Ferrum we are infa- mous for priding ourselves on our motto, “Not self, but others”.”A very dedicated group of students here are fulfilling this duty, and they call themselves “Bombassadors.” Sam Belcher, Billie Quesenberry, and Dorothy Carroll dedicate their time with a company called Bombas; you can catch the trio […]

Mens And Women’s Basketball Open Season

Women’s Basketball By: Joey Pride The women’s basketball team won their opening game 84-73 at Roanoke College. The game stayed close but Ferrum led for the majority of the game. Zarkia Mattox had 31 points, 13 rebounds, and six assists, leading the team in points and rebounds, while being tied with Brooke Lewis for assists. […]

Three Field Hockey Players Honored With All-Conference Awards

By: Graceanne Gershner Ferrum’s field hockey team’s season ended on Nov. 4 in Tennessee against Transylvania University. The team fell 5-0 during the quarterfinals of the SAA Tournament. Head coach Carrie Austin had alot to talk about the past year as a team, “I’m happy with the growth as a program, but we still have […]

CommUnity Holds Event: Ask Me Anything

By: Hunter Ferguson Students, faculty and local campus staff come together to share diverse backgrounds and experiences. Midday of Nov. 2 was a day to focus on diversity, together- ness and community for Dr. Chris Mayer’s Rec 341 class. “Ask me anything” is an event that participants with differ- ent race, clubs, teams and back- […]

The End of Fall Semester Means Finals

By: AnnGardner Eubank Cramming, staying up to ab- surd hours of the night, and com- pletely stressing out are all parts of the college experience, especially when it comes to the week of final exams. Exams can often make or break someone’s grade, or some- times have very little impact on the final grade. According […]

Alumni Spotlight: Avery Ardis Tosh

By: Graceanne Gershner 2015 graduate Avery Ardis Tosh updated the Iron Blade about what she’s been up to in the past year and a half since leaving Ferrum. Tosh had a full schedule while she was a student here. She was a double major in liberal arts and Russian with a minor in elementary education. […]

Hypnotist Wows Crowd As Students Fall Into Trance

by: Nia Pettiford Sat. Nov. 5 the Panthers Den was under the trance of hypnother- apist Steven Stone. At promptly 7pm Stone invited 10 guests to the stage. Within minutes of being on stage Stone spoke his words and made all of the participants fall asleep with the touch of a finger and the sound […]

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