December 9, 2023

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A couple stuck with a farting dog were compensated by Singapore Airlines

A couple stuck with a farting dog were compensated by Singapore Airlines

By Peter Vincent for Daily Mail Australia

02:55 24 September 2023, updated 05:13 24 September 2023

A couple whose flight was ruined by a ‘farting and snoring’ emotional assistance dog have won compensation from the airline in a major victory.

New Zealand couple Jill and Warren Press have been awarded $1,410 from Singapore Airlines after a months-long dispute with the carrier.

The support dog was owned by another passenger and sat next to the couple in premium economy as they flew 13 hours from Paris to Singapore in June.

The couple, who own a dog, claimed it was not the animal’s presence on the plane that was the problem, but they should have been warned in advance.

A couple whose flight was ruined by a “farting and snoring” emotional assistance dog have received compensation from the airline
The dog sat next to the New Zealand couple’s premium economy class seats during their 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore

“I expect to see a baby. I expect little children. But I don’t expect a dog,” said Mrs. Bryce.

Mrs Bryce said the dog was farting regularly and dripped “well” onto the leg of her husband, who was wearing shorts.

“I heard this noise – heavy snoring.” “I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realized it was the dog breathing,” Ms Preece told Stuff.

After requesting to change seats, the couple were informed that the only seats available were at the back of the economy class, so they decided to stay put.

They were then exposed to an unbearable odor on board, as the animal occupied Mr Bryce’s legroom and farted.

Since the dog could not be placed in the driveway, Mrs. Preece said the dog was lying under her husband’s legs.

The owner’s pet felt anxious and that’s why he was traveling in the cabin.

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The couple initially received an apology and two gift vouchers worth $73.

After filing a compensation claim with the airline, they were offered travel vouchers worth $185 per passenger.

Ms. Press said that this was not enough, considering that it did not cover the difference in cost between premium seats and economy seats.

The couple plans to donate the money to an animal charity.

“It wasn’t about the money, it was about keeping people accountable,” Ms. Preece said.

Singapore Airlines previously issued a statement following the couple’s complaints.

“SIA endeavors to notify customers who may be seated next to an assistance dog before boarding,” the airline said.

“In circumstances where customers seated next to an assistance dog request to be moved, we will assist them in re-seating them within the same cabin if space allows.”

Gill and Warren Press received $1,410 from Singapore Airlines after months-long dispute

“In this case, we were unable to transport Mr and Mrs Bryce within the same cabin as the premium economy cabin was full.”

A Singapore Airlines spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia it had been in contact with Mr and Mrs Press and “apologizes”. [them] for them On their flight from Paris to Singapore.

“They have since accepted a refund of the difference in fare between their original seats in Premium Economy and their subsequent seats in Economy, as well as travel vouchers.”

“SIA remains committed to providing the best possible travel experience for all our customers.”