Alberta reports more than 2,000 COVID-19 cases, with more restrictions on hotspots

Edmonton – Alberta recorded more than 2,000 Govt-19 cases for the first time in epidemics and set a record in active cases on Thursday.

The province is introducing target controls in regions with a rate of 350 per 100,000 residents and at least 250 active cases. This includes Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Red Man, Grande Prairie, Airtie, Lethbridge and Stratcona County, Prime Minister Jason Kenny said.

In these regions, junior and high school students will switch to online learning from Monday, and indoor fitness and group sports will be suspended, Kenny said.

These restrictions will remain in place for two weeks, even if a city falls below the 350-case rate limit during that period. After two weeks they will return to provincial level controls.

If asked by the municipal province, a curfew of 1,000 per cent per 100,000 residents could be issued.

“These measures, along with everything in practice – those rules for several months, some of them for a year – I hope all of this is enough,” Kenny said. “If Albertans responds to this call in the next few weeks, but it does not, we will consider proposing additional restrictions if we continue to see the level of development at the current level.

“I’m very clear about something I ‘ve never said before: this time, I encourage people to stay home if I can.”

On Thursday, 2,048 COVID-19 cases broke the December 14 record of 1,887 infections, and 21,385 active cases surpassed the 20,976 records set in mid-December.

Alberta also set an ICU record with 151 admissions, with a total of 632 people affected by Govt-19.

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