Apple has issued a warning to iOS 14.5 iPhone users

Apple iOS 14.5 is here and it is one Very awesome upgrades IPhone users will enjoy the next generation release (It is feature packed). But now an update warning has been issued to iPhone users about one of its biggest features.

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iOS 14.5 marks the official release of Apple’s most popular ‘App Tracking Transparency’ (ADT) feature, which gives users more control over how their behavior is monitored by third-party applications. Unfortunately for a significant number of iPhone and iPad owners this seems to be severely broken and Apple support has confirmed that it will take several days for a fix:

“The active problem, confirmed by Apple support, is that engineers are doing it now. We have to huddle. [sic] 72 hours ”- Source

Affected iPad and iPhone users face many problems with the new service. The vast majority have found that ATT has failed to identify a single application that monitors user behavior (and we already know some of the largest applications in the world Important Criminals) Or the feature is completely disabled and cannot be enabled. Understandably, users are frustrated:

“Dear Apple Apple, App Tracking Alternative and Personalized Ads Switching are gray on my iPhone !! Release an update like iOS 14.5.1, please !!! ”- Source

“Okay, update to iOS 14.5, remove the Facebook app and reinstall. But no application tracking questions asked! ”- Source

“Hey appppleSupport I upgraded to iOS 14.5 and no instruction is available to allow tracking apps. I went to Settings> Privacy> Tracking and “Allow tracking apps”, it is disabled but not allowed to run. How do I fix this? ”- Source

The title has also been acquired Many Reddit Fibers.

9to5Mac Request for Apple IDs under the age of 18 or for monitoring systems that allow ‘applications’, according to their own “knowledgeable sources of status. However, in most cases, users will not be able to access the new option even if the two situations mentioned by our sources do not apply to them. ”

As such, the site concludes: “Unfortunately, if you’ve already updated to iOS 14.5 and see a gray tracking transition, you can not do much at this time.”

Frustratingly, the issues with ATT are far from the only issues affecting iOS 14.5. Users also report isolated incidents such as bugs that make Apple podcasts “confusing” and excessive battery drain, connection issues, unlocking delays and application crashes. You can read more My iOS 14.5 update guide.

I expect Apple to prioritize the emergency iOS 14.5.1 update to resolve these issues. I have contacted Apple and will update this post if I get a reply.


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