Apple would argue that in the epic case it faces competition in the video game transaction market

Apple Inc. The iPhone maker said on Thursday that it plans to argue that “Fortnight” maker Epic Games faces stiff competition in the video game market to defend itself against unfounded allegations.

Epic sued Apple in federal court in California last year, alleging that Apple charged a 15 percent to 30 percent commission for using its application payment methods and that Apple had long been practicable in installing any of its devices. The magnitude of the reaction behavior. The controversy erupted when Epic tried to implement its own app payment system in the popular “Fortnight” game, and Apple banned the game from its App Store.

The case is set to be heard by U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland, California in May, who will have to decide which concept of “market” is right for him to analyze Apple’s moves for signs of unpredictable behavior.

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Epic has made its case for the idea that Apple iPhones represent a unique marketplace for software developers, with an established platform of over 1 billion users. Epic argued that Apple had a monopoly on that market because it determined how users could install software on devices, and that developers were abusing that power by forcing their software to be delivered through the App Store, where developers would be charged for certain transactions.

In a filing that Apple plans to produce on Thursday, the company rejected that notion and claimed that the perfect market for analyzing the case was the video game transaction market, which includes sites such as Nintendo Go Ltd and Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox gaming consoles. They can charge software and developers to run on their hardware.

Apple plans that consumers will have a number of choices regarding how to perform video game transactions, including the purchase of virtual tokens from game developers on other platforms such as Windows PCs and the use of tokens on iPhones at no charge to the game developer.

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