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In Australia a man named Alex White bought a bag of lettuce from a supermarket and found a snake inside.

When the tongue looked at its tongue he quickly realized that the creature was not a big worm South China Morning Post.

Snake 870 km.

Authorities believe the reptile was a venomous light-headed snake that flew 870 km from a packing plant in the Australian city of Duvamba to Sydney.

According to Defender, The snake, about 20 cm long, was stuffed in two bags of greens.

White discovered the reptile when he opened the grocery store, and later the wildlife rescue system was called Wires.

The organization initially suggested to White that the snake may be a baby eastern brown and the most venomous and aggressive species in Australia.

However, White later discovered that it was actually a pale-headed snake, viz Known Must be a timid but nervous breed.

An innovator will develop symptoms such as severe headache, blurred vision, localized pain and abnormal bleeding.

Wildlife Rescue System to release the snake

The wires are then monitored for the condition of the snake and it is said to be recovering well in their care.

It will be taken back to its natural habitat in Queensland, where it will be released.

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