Belfast Restaurant Michael Dean: ‘Don’t make hospitality hospitality free for everyone’

Michael Dean of Belfast Restaurant has said that when the economy starts to reopen, hospitality in businesses like supermarkets should not pay the “free for all” price.

Mr Dean, who has reached the pinnacle of the BBC Stephen Nolan project, responded to the latest dates announced by the executive, which will reopen retail by April 30.

The hospitality department was given a 24th May, a reference date for a resumption of business.

“When we go to the shops, we don’t really see the hand washing stations, we don’t see anything checked or polished,” he said.

“Supermarkets are still free for everyone, and hospitality is going to pay more to keep it from reopening.

“Wherever this virus is, if it starts to go away more or less, I do not see that hospitality can impose any guilt because we are not transparent.”

Asked if Govt would strictly enforce restrictions in the coming weeks to protect hospitality, Mr Dean said: “We know when retailers open that people are going to be queuing up to buy a t 3D shirt outside the Primark.

“We know it’s going to happen, but for proper policing in stores, it’s up to businesses to take it on board.

“I don’t really think they will do this, we will mislead the ball (it) and miscalculate.

“Anyone who comes through the door at teen restaurants, their names are taken, their phone numbers are taken and there is a social distance rule … all of these are used, through which we tried to work.”

He added: “If the R rate goes up, we are going to be boogie humans and we are going to shut down again.

“If we close again, it’s over hospitality, I think alcohol is the exciting word here.

“I think we need to get people out of the supermarkets on the alcohol issue, they need to close the off license and give us a free opportunity to open and trade like everyone else.”

Belfast Telegraph

Sophia Harrison

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I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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