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Bloodthirsty demonstrations, cessation of international aid … improving the situation

Repression continues in Sudan. On Wednesday, October 27, state security forces arrested several protesters and marched through the capital, Khartoum, in an effort to end General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Borhan’s protest against the coup.

In response to warnings from the international community, the military on Tuesday sought to pledge allegiance to the overthrown Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdouk Khartoum. The latter He was arrested the day before the coup. Most of the public who created the power of change. The latter remains “Under close surveillance”, According to his office.

  • Protesters and protesters were arrested

Dozens of Sudanese march during the October 27, 2021 protest against the military occupation of Adbara, Sudan

On the streets of the country’s major cities, several civilians have been protesting since the beginning of the week against General Al-Borhan’s coup.

To prevent the protesters from re-integrating, the security forces “All barriers removed”, Made of branches, stones or burnt tires in the city center, says one protester. “They arrest everyone around them.” Since Monday, they have fired tear gas at protesters, killing at least seven people and injuring 140 others. A source from the Ministry of Health To do The world.

In response to this bloody repression, activists took to social media “One Million Demonstration” On Saturday, the public will demand a complete transfer of power.

The Ummah, one of the leaders of Sudan’s largest party, the Ummah, was arrested, and other activists and protesters blocked Khartoum’s main thoroughfares.

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  • Reasons for regime change

2019 and since the fall of dictator Omar al-Bashir, Mr. Power was shared between the Hamdock-led civilian government and the Sovereign Council, which is spearheading the change, but the coup is coming at a time. An environment of increased tension between civilians and military personnel.

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The leadership of the Sovereign Council is due to be transferred to a civilian in the coming months and the military has so far confirmed their willingness to respect the process. However, the exact date of this handover is not yet known. Moreover, Mr. Interim authorities have been struggling to reach an agreement on al-Bashir’s surrender to the International Criminal Court.

On October 16, military supporters set up their tents in front of the presidential palace, where interim officials are stationed. In retaliation, on October 21, tens of thousands of civilian supporters took to the streets. “To protect [leur] Revolution “. On October 23, the civilian camp warned “Widespread conspiracy”, Tried to prevent a small crowd during a press conference.

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  • The international community stops its aid

On Tuesday, General al-Borhan pretended to be in danger in an attempt to explain his coup “Civil War” Born a week ago from another demonstration against the military. Apparently unbelievable, the Western ambassadors in their view, Mr. Hamdok reiterated that. “Prime Minister and his government always have constitutional authority” ; They asked to meet him in person.

To mark their opposition to the coup, the African Union and the World Bank sought to put pressure on the military: first Sudan was suspended from its institutions, and secondly it stopped its aid, which is essential for this country. The poor were plunged into recession. Affected by conflict. On Monday, the United States withdrew part of $ 700 million (604 million euros) in aid to Sudan.

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On the EU side, the move is currently under threat, EU diplomat Joseph Borel said on Tuesday. “This attempt to undermine Sudan’s democratic transformation is unacceptable,” he said. If the situation does not turn upside down immediately, there will be serious consequences for the EU’s involvement, including its financial assistance., at-il you have. The move is about distributions that have not yet been delivered, citing a European source. EU funding in Sudan has been 500 million since 2016.

Moscow, on the other hand, believes in conspiracy “The logical conclusion of a failed policy”, The United Nations Security Council has failed to agree on a joint declaration of sovereignty.

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Abdel Fattah al-Burhane

N 1960 en 1960, Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Al-Borhan is a pure product of the Sudanese military. After studying at a military academy and studying abroad (especially in Egypt), he rose to the position of commanding the military, playing a key role when Sudan joined the coalition in 2015. The war in Yemen was led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. During the struggles against the power of Omar al-Bashir in 2019, the former Sudanese dictator, General al-Burhan, without being referred to as an “Islamist,” was seen as a solution to lead the civil-military transition. He chaired the Sovereign Council until all officers were dissolved on Monday.

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