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Carrone Wines has appointed former Somerfield wine buyer Angela Mount as its UK supermarket consultant to help expedite plans to “increase space saving and flat bottle capacity” in UK supermarkets.

Mount has worked in the wine industry throughout his working life. He is a well-known personality in the wine industry, benefiting from a wealth of retail experience, and is proud to have helped supermarket shoppers revolutionize wine during his tenure in Somerfield.

She hit national headlines when her boss insured her taste buds for $ 10 million. Since leaving Somerfield he has worked as a wine consultant, writer and presenter, and he has worked with independents and restaurants.

Mount said: “I am delighted to be working with an innovative team at Carion Wines. There has never been a more critical time for innovation and sustainability. In the fall of the current crisis, like many others, the dynamics in our industry have changed, and consumer shopping habits have always changed. There is more focus on small, local stores, which have very little storage space; Tastes have become virtual for both the consumer and the press.

“Not only does the flat bottle shelf and store storage space provide more storage space, but it also ensures that the models are delivered easily and reliably, minimizing breakage and glass. I always win new ideas, which is challenging and brings a new dynamic to our market.”

CEO and co-founder Santiago Navarro said: “If supermarket wine buyers had made celebrities, Angela would undoubtedly be one. While her $ 10 million tongue is very popular, it’s her small black industrial contacts, her unquenchable desire to be accessible to everyone through the big wines supermarkets, and her concern for the health of our planet that make her the ideal advisor to our business.

“We look forward to working with Angela to better understand how our invention can support the durability of wine aisles in UK supermarkets.”

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