CDPR will fix Cyberbank 2077 to ‘sell successfully in the coming years’

Cyberbunk 2077 got its first major link late last month, and now we’re on the map of Nebula Time windows and small info. But still Talks to Reuters, CDPR’s joint chief executive Adam Kisinski reinforced the notion of a long-standing commitment to cyberbanking. Or at least, stick to it Adjustment Cyberpunk.

“I do not see an option to block Cyberbunk 2077. We are proud to be able to bring the game to such a level, so we can be proud of it, so we can sell it successfully for many years,” Kissinski said.

This is an eyebrow-raising statement that you will think you like Throwing The game is in a state you can be proud of, but this is how many AAA games it is playing right now, broken at the start, consistent and consistent and added with patches over time. Even if cyberbank takes it to a new level.

I said earlier that Cyberbank 2077 CDPR can make progress by reducing its losses. I always at least they really are OK Sports, my question was more about long-term investments in this particular installment. CDPR has canceled the Knight City based multiplayer game that already adheres to Cyberbunk 2077. They’re constantly doing regular, witcher-style extensions, but they’re not going to talk about it for a while.

Briefly 2021: Additional fixes, free (minor) DLC and the next gen version of the game, although none of them have fixed dates attached to it, only the first half and second half of the latter two years, respectively.

In a Reuters interview, Sony also briefly developed that Kissinski had “friendly relations” with Sony, which dragged Cyberbunk 2077 out of the PlayStation Store a week after it was launched, asking them to return the poor performance and CDPR customers’ demand for cash on CDPR consoles. The policy was forced to change. Patch 1.2 is said to be a “step” in getting the game back in store, but it has been more than 100 days since it was removed, resulting in console sales being severely affected. The move removes Cyberbank for digital sales not only to 100+ million PS4s, but to all new PS5s, making it the best-running version of the game on the console.

At this time, there is no additional deadline for the launch of Patch 1.3 or Free DLC. The list of names of what appeared to be the contents of the free DLC has been leaked, but the CDPR has not No. Cyberbunk DLC, although the list with the notes inserted in the game according to this last link is questionable.

For now, Patch 1.2 improves performance on the PS4 Pro / PS5 / Xbox One X / Xbox Series X versions, but the PS4 and Xbox One bases are relatively poor. There were many personal bug fixes and a few career improvements, but they still have a long way to go. CDPR says they’ve been in it for a long time, but this could mean taking them to the starting point of the game and then seeing what happens.

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