Co-founder of Brain Implant Initiative leaves Neuralink

Elon Muskin Neuralink Management faces challenges even before a product is shipped. Byte Reports Neuralink co-founder Max Hotak Quiet left The company “a few weeks ago.” He did not say why he left the brain-machine interface company, but said he was a “big enthusiastic player” for his former boss’ job.

Neuralink does not name an alternative. We have asked the company for feedback.

It is not certain to what extent this will affect neuralgia, although the timing is not perfect. The company recently Proved its implant technology With a monkey – it moves closer to a finished product. This does not mean that the company is in trouble, but Hodgkin’s exit will complicate efforts to translate Neuralink’s works into practical products.

Musk is nothing new High level management departure. However, they have generally taken place in highly established companies such as Tesla, and some executions (such as former CDO JP Strabel) have not gone out of their way to emphasize a positive relationship. Although there are no immediate signs of a severe split, Hodgkin’s condition is not very good.

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