Crocker pilots lottery game sales update

Groger Co. Science Sports Corporation, in partnership with the Kentucky Lottery and the Blackhawk Network, is testing the sale of lottery tickets at checkout.

Scientific Games, a lottery and gaming service provider based in Las Vegas, Tuesday, Lexington, Guy. Plans call for a long-term initiative to use Scientific’s SCI inline technology to expand to Groger Go stores in other markets.

“Consumer data is an important element in serving our customers better. The SCQ solution provides us with the data we need to better serve our lottery players,” said Jarrot Cummins, Director of Prepaid Services at Groger, in a statement. Groger is delighted to be the first grocery store partner in the Checkout Line lottery sale, and we look forward to expanding this initiative to more states. “

According to Scientific, SCII Inline represents the first solution to integrate with retailer point-of-sale systems, including the BlackWock Network, the Blackhawk Network in Blackstone, California, with the technology to sell prepaid / gift cards and lottery solutions. .

SCIQ technology provides automatic instant-game delivery under the retail checkout counter, and shows games for sale to customers with a higher view, dynamic menu display. The system provides real-time data analytics to the retailer and the lottery, and automatically monitors each unit of instant products sold, which allows for sales performance and greater visibility in available inventory, Science said. SCiQ also automates the retailer’s shift accounting reconciliation process

The SCICQ inline solution is a game changer for consumers who are focused on getting out of the grocery store quickly for a variety of reasons, including COVID-19 concerns, ”explained Michael Martin, Vice President of Retail Solutions for Science. Games. “SCiQ Inline offers unparalleled product security and in-store lottery self-service machines the ability to engage light and less players without visiting.”

According to Blackhawk, the partnership will open up new opportunities for the Kentucky Lottery and Grocer to provide a more comfortable lottery experience at retail and engage more customers.

“Blackhawk is committed to bringing greater convenience to new and existing consumers who purchase instant lottery games,” commented Richard Godlip, vice president of lottery and sports betting on the Blackhawk Network. “The partnership with Science Games, Groger and the Kentucky Lottery is another option that supports this innovative, one – way solution that will help our retail partners increase sales and provide greater convenience to customers.”

Groger is the largest supermarket partner of the Kentucky Lottery. Currently, instant games are the consumer product category of nearly $ 60 billion in the United States, with sales in U.S. grocery stores representing $ 11 billion, or 18.5% of total instant sports retail sales, science says.

“We at Kentucky Lottery are excited to be the first state to test this new system and look forward to seeing how it works in the marketplace,” said Mary Harville, Kentucky Lottery President and CEO.

The Kentucky Lottery is one of the top 20 lotteries in the world for the instant game of individual sales, Science added. The company claims to be the world’s largest creator, manufacturer and service provider of lottery instant games, making up more than 70% of global instant-game retail sales.

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