July 22, 2024

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Cuba was shaken by unprecedented struggles against the government

Cuba was shaken by unprecedented struggles against the government

Thousands of Cubans protested against authorities on Sunday, July 11, in several cities on the island that are facing its worst economic crisis in 30 years. Web show protesters, mostly young people, chant in the streets of San Antonio de las Banos, a city of 50,000 people thirty kilometers from the capital, where a large military and police deployment is visible from midnight “Motherland and life! “, The title of a controversial song, but “Down with dictatorship! “, And “We are not afraid! “.

“Freedom!”, Chanted a few hundred in Malegaon, Havana’s famous seaside park.

These rallies, which were widely broadcast via social networks, started spontaneously in the morning, a very rare event in this country managed by the Communist Party (PCC, unique), where only recognized meetings are usually party meetings.

Demonstrations were broadcast live via Facebook or Twitter in other parts of the country, with mobile internet only arriving at the end of 2018.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel meets protesters in San Antonio de los Banos during the day, shouting at party activists Live Cuba! » And ்க Long live Fidel! ».

Risk figures for infection

The demonstration took place on the day Cuba set a new daily record for pollution and deaths from the corona virus, with 6,923 cases out of a total of 238,491 cases and 47 deaths in 24 hours for a total of 1,537 deaths. “These are dangerous figures, they are increasing every day.”, The chief epidemiologist of the Ministry of Health on Sunday, Francisco Duron commented during his regular press conference on television.

Cuba authorized the urgent use of its vaccine against Govt-19 Abdallah, the first of its kind in Latin America, a beacon of hope for this country and a region that is not yet infected. The most advanced candidate out of the five vaccines developed in Cuba, Abdala works against the risk of catching 92.28% with Govt symptoms, according to the state pharmaceutical group Biocopharma.

Since the outbreak of the corona virus in March 2020, Cubans have had to wait in long queues to store food and face shortages of drugs, which has created strong social unrest.

Calls for help on social networks

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel traveled to San Antonio de los Banos to meet with protesters.

Authorities on Wednesday sent doctors and medical equipment to the tourist area of ​​Madanzas, where hospitals are overcrowded. Cuban television showed footage of the city of Gardinas, whose corridors were filled with stretchers, while a local company was commissioned to build new beds.

Under the hashtag #SOSCuba “Or #SOSMatanzas” (SOSMassacres), calls for help are proliferating on social networks, appealing to the government to facilitate the sending of donations from abroad.

On Saturday, protesters called for the formation of a group “Humanitarian Pavement”, An attempt rejected by the government. “Concepts of humanitarian corridor and humanitarian aid are related to conflict zones, not Cuba.”Ernesto Soberon, director of diplomatic affairs and in charge of Cubans living abroad at the Cuban Chancellor, confirmed on Saturday.

Authorities also condemned “A campaign” Who sees “To present a picture of total chaos in a country that does not fit the current situation”.

However, an email address on Monday should allow the government to expedite donations from abroad, Soberon said.

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