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Daughter Isabella was hospitalized amid a brain cancer battle

Daughter Isabella was hospitalized amid a brain cancer battle


Michael Strahan has revealed that his 19-year-old daughter Isabella has faced a setback as she battles brain cancer.

52 years old “Good Morning America” presenter. “The last three days have been a little tough because,” he told his hosts on Wednesday [Isabella] “He had a fever that came and went like that.”

“I had to take her to hospital and I thought she would come home after a few hours. He revealed… It has been three days, but hopefully she will come home today.

Isabella Strahan, 19, documents her cancer journey on YouTube. ABC
Isabella was diagnosed with a brain tumor in October. X/@GMA

The father-daughter duo appeared on “GMA” in January to reveal that Isabella had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor known as medulloblastoma — a fast-growing cancerous brain tumor that develops in the cerebellum, the back part of the brain where movement and coordination are controlled.

Last month, she had to ring the bell next Her last radiation treatment.

Michael continued on Wednesday that Isabella, who began chemotherapy at Duke Children's Hospital and Health Center in Durham, North Carolina, experienced “expected” side effects, but admitted the process was still difficult.

She added: “It is difficult to see her go through this ordeal, but I know that she is a strong young woman and will be able to get through it.” Father of four He added.

Michael Strahan has four children. Zomapress.com

Isabella, whose twin sister Sophia attends Duke University, documents her chemotherapy journey at… Youtube.

In a video uploaded on Wednesday, she told viewers that her first round of chemotherapy was “One of the worst things “I've done that my whole life.”

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“Oh my God,” she said. “I feel like people make it seem so much easier.”

“The first week in the hospital was terrible. It wasn't actually terrible until it became terrible,” she explained.

Isabella recently started chemotherapy. X/@GMA

“It felt weird getting chemo. I don't know, you don't really think you're going to be putting poison into your body.”

The student and model was at home recovering from treatment in the vlog, but continued: “The first week in hospital was horrific. Actually it wasn't terrible until it became terrible. It felt weird getting chemo. I don't know, you don't really think you're going to put poison into your body.

Michael shared on “GMA” that the support his family received from their personal circle, as well as fans online, helped them through this difficult time.

“I think a lot of people reached out to her and said, 'I'm glad you're doing this,' 'Thank you for doing this,' 'This has really helped us,'” he said.

Michael Strahan was photographed arriving home at his New York City apartment on January 24. US Sun/Mega

“All of this support she's been receiving from people she doesn't know, as well as people she does know, has kept her in a very positive place,” he continued.

“So thanks everyone.”

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