Donita Rose named Corporate Chef of the American Supermarket Chain – Manila Bulletin

Donita Rose has been named the Corporate Chef of the supermarket chain in the United States

Donita Rose Caveat

Actress Donita Rose Cavet makes a successful career transition overseas!

The 46-year-old Caveat, who is based in the United States, was named Corporate R&D Chef of the Island Pacific Market on April 7, based on his Instagram post.

“This is official! You see now landislandpacificmarketCorporate R&D Chef.

“Wait until you see what we do together tgtongi & @ maricelaguilar2010 Bring Philippine cuisine to the next level, ”said Caveat.

American celebrities congratulate US-Philippine star on recent achievement

“It simply came to our notice then. Congratulations and the Island Pacific made the right choice. God bless! ”Wrote Pops Fernandez.

“Welcome to the family Tea! Blessed to have you IP! Said Christa Ronillo.

“For you, we’re happy, Chef Dee !!” Anthony Panglinan commented.

Other celebrities who greeted him were Rufa May Quinto, Vina Morales and Jackie Foster.

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