Dube says Quebec is ‘on the third wave’, emphasizing restraint and caution

“Don’t worry – we’ll fix it,” the health minister said Monday if the recent easing of prison measures was seen as too dangerous. “We’ve adjusted several times in the last year.”

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As cases continue to rise, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dupe said on Monday the province is in the third wave of COVID-19.

Dubey made these comments when he met the media at a pop-up vaccination clinic Montreal North, One of the hotspots for the corona virus in the city.

In Quebec, COVID-19 reported 891 new cases on Monday, with a seven-day rolling average of 879 – the highest since February 17. Five new deaths have been reported, hospital admissions have dropped from three to 477, and six patients are in intensive care, for a total of 120.

“We do not have to ask ourselves if there is a third wave – We are in the third wave, ”Dubey said. “What can we do about the third wave? Control it – we have to fight as hard as we can Make sure variations are controlled For a very long time (time). ”

The province faced criticism for easing prison operations High schools turn all students into class Until Monday, The gyms reopened last week And Places of worship are allowed to welcome 250 people. Dubey said his government was sticking with its guns, but was keeping a close eye on the situation.

“We don’t open gyms and schools to be good – we do this for mental health,” Dubey said. “We want people to be happy. It’s hard they passed last year. ”

However, “If at some point we think it’s too dangerous, don’t worry – we’ll fix it,” he said. “We’ve adjusted several times in the last year.”

At the same conference, Dr. Miley Drew, head of public health for Montreal, said nearly 19 percent of Montreals have now received their first vaccine.

Meanwhile, Quebec announced that it was AstraZeneca suspends vaccination Anyone under the age of 55 quoting Health Canada’s new guidelines.


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Public health is concerned about the vulnerable people coming to vaccination sites. That’s why CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal has opened several small pop-up vaccination clinics across the region.

One such site is the Center D’Activites de Montreal-Northeastern Maine Diane Equilibrium Emotional, where 60 people have been vaccinated. Dupe and Druin were nearby to visit local organizations and raise awareness about the initiative. They then visited the vaccination clinic.

There are 10 such clinics in the area, which are part of a pilot program to reach people who do not go to the mass vaccination site, such as the Olympic Stadium or the Boeing des Congress, said Melanie Sarbonio, manager of the pop-up program. .


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“These are clinics that are one or two days old, and we place them in areas where there is a lot of variation, and we target people who are vulnerable,” he said.

Pop-up clinics started on Thursday. About 1,000 doses are expected to be given as part of the program, mostly for those 60 and over.

Sarponno said the campaign targets people with mental health problems and low mobility, and he hopes the program will continue beyond its scheduled Saturday deadline.

The news that Parole de Xclus, a community group working with people with mental health problems in Montreal North, will be on site at a pop-up clinic from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday was enthusiastically welcomed. Volunteer working there.


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“A lot of people are very anxious, others are sick. These people would not be vaccinated if it were not for this initiative, ”said Manon Florent, standing outside the community center on Bellatier Ave.“ People are worried about getting on the bus because they are worried the virus is spreading. “

Although there appear to be many unfilled appointments in the province, Dubey said the vaccination campaign is going well. clicsante.ca Website, and noticed that they were volunteers working or vaccinating at the vaccination centers Not running at full capacity.

Dubey said he was concerned about the vacancies, saying there were 90 unfilled vacancies at a vaccination clinic in St Laurent.


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“So far, we have been able to limit the number of shows to two or three per cent,” he said.

Encouraged those who qualify to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Dubey said the province has been able to use all the vaccine doses given so far.

“The real problem is, we don’t have enough vaccines,” he said.

Druin said he was also concerned about the reluctance of minority groups to get vaccinated. He said he plans to visit religious groups and target his department’s efforts to raise awareness about the vaccine among various communities in Montreal.

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