Fight at Jason Kenny’s UCP reaches new heights when Alberta catches up with COVID-19

Alberta Premier Jason Kenny at the Federal Building in Edmonton on February 24, 2020.

CODIE MCLACHLAN / Globe and Mail

As Alberta Fights COVID-19 infections at high rates, internal fighting Jason KennyThe government erupted in the open on Thursday, with Caucasus members voting to remove two of their own members.

United Conservative Caucus whip Mike Ellis said MLAs Drew Barnes and Todd Lowen were expelled from the Caucasus after a vote by their peers.

“Members recognize the need for the government caucus to remain strong and united behind our leader, Prime Minister Jason Kenny. We continue to fight the final stages of the COVID-19 epidemic and beyond,” he said. Ellis told the news release.

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The UCP Caucasus meeting, which began at lunch on Thursday, went on late into the day. No details of the ballot break have been released, or the exact reason for their expulsion.

“There is simply no place for our people to divide our party and undermine the leadership of the government, especially at this crucial juncture for our province,” Mr Ellis said.

“We expect to move forward as a strong, united team.”

Mr. Kenny has endured weeks of outspoken criticism of health restrictions from his MLAs. But Mr. Lowen went a step further on Wednesday night and issued a letter to the Prime Minister, Mr. He called on Kenny to resign so that “the province can begin to reunite.” Federal Peace MLA-Nodley also announced his resignation as chairman UCP caucus, but he will not leave the party – he believes his comments are rooted in grassroots.

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Cyprus-Medicine hat MLA Drew Barnes has long been a fierce critic of his own government policies, especially those related to COVID-19 health restrictions. Neither of the two was immediately available for comment late Thursday.

“Premier is proud to stand with his Caucasus counterparts and lead Alberta through the biggest health and economic crisis of a century.

Alberta is in the middle of the third largest wave of COVID-19. Even with a strong vaccine drive, it has the highest infection rate in North America, and the active case rate is more than twice the national number. However, the U.C.P.

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Mr. Lowen and Mr. Two of the signatories to the letter, written by Barnes in April, were a group of UCP MLAs who oppose the province’s infectious health controls. But Mr. Lowen’s new letter did not mention COVID-19. Instead, he said he was concerned that the Kenyan government’s response to the “hostile federal government” would be seen as weak as the comments of the rank and file MLAs, and that the government had mishandled issues such as negotiations with provincial doctors and coal. Mining payments on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

“Sending a message from your government is paradoxical, confusing and unnecessarily inflammatory,” he wrote.

Mr. Lowen later told radio station 630 CHED that volunteers and team members raised their hands and walked away from Mr Kenny’s leadership. “The majority of the people I speak to, they want a strong UCP party. But they do not see that they have it now. We have to have it, so we can move forward and form a government in 2023.”

Mr. A senior government official said Thursday that Lowen’s impartiality and ability to function as a Caucasus chair was “when he and his staff and group leader campaigned for ‘Fire Kenny’.” He risked being kicked out of the Caucasus chair by his colleagues, saying the Globe and the Mail did not recognize anyone because they had no authority to speak publicly on the matter.

A Report from Coal Sun. In March, Mr. Lowen’s Central Peace-Nodley Constituency Association is one of the groups calling for a leadership review this year. Mr. Neither Lowen nor UCP Central Peace-Nodley constituency chairwoman Samantha Steinke immediately commented.

M.V.L.A. Drew Barnes, Govt-19 has long been a critic of his own government’s policies when it comes to health controls. He was not immediately available late Thursday.

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Since the beginning of this year Mr. There are angry cries in the backbone of Kenny’s government, but how many UCP MLAs are Mr. It’s not clear if they feel like Lowen. MLA David Hanson Mr. He wrote a Facebook post in support of Lowen, but did not fully support his call for the Prime Minister to resign. In an interview, Bonneville-Gold Lake-St. Paul said the manner in which his own government imposed health restrictions with little notice demonstrated a lack of respect for small business owners.

“When merchants call me in tears, I have to respond.”

He also spoke about the NDP’s victory in the next provincial elections in 2023. Hanson expressed concern. “It simply came to our notice then. We fought hard for unity, to unite the conservative parties here. I hate it going in vain. ”

The prime minister said he would “go out and talk to the people and try to fix the fences”, or face a leadership review this year.

Rachel Knotley, leader of the Alberta NTP, said in the midst of the public-health and economic turmoil, the government would instead use an excessive contact-tracking system, sick leave pay for essential workers or Enbridge Inc. Line 5 Pipeline opens in Michigan.

“But instead Jason Kenny and UCP are too busy fighting each other,” Ms Nodley said in a tweet.

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