Food Shorts: New summer dishes, free supermarket membership for leading players

MANILA – Check out some of the latest news on the local food scene.

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Crispy Bucket Fries by Jalibi


Jollibee recently introduced its crispy fries bucket, the largest version of its best-selling French fries.

For the price of P129, up to four people can enjoy this.

It is offered through the Zollipi app, website and hotline, as well as through Cropfoot and Futbonda.

New offerings can also be ordered for drive-through and takeout.

Free Supermarket Member for Frontliners

As a gesture of support and gratitude, Landers Superstore offers free membership and renewals to those at the medical front.

This advertisement expires on December 31, 2021 for all Medical Leaders and existing members who wish to apply for membership.

They must provide all of the following credentials at the Landers branch: valid ID, valid PRC-ID, valid company / hospital ID and old Landers membership card for renewals.

The Medical Front representative can obtain a free membership card if he / she provides three valid IDs in the lead, a valid ID of the representative and a letter of authorization from the health worker.

This ad is for premium primary members only and runs until April 30th. The free membership and renewal offer is available at Landers Superstores Odyssey, Albany West, Arkovia City, Balindavok and Cebu.

Delightful mug with Maya hot cakes


Looking for a quick pick-me-up? Maya Hot Cakes offers a Happy Mug, which is a dessert that can be made at home in two minutes.

Available in chocolate and caramel flavors, the mug cake comes in single dimensions that can be prepared and in its own syrup. Pop it in the microwave for two minutes and enjoy the hot, cooy, sweet delights.

Happy mug can be eaten on its own or enjoyed with apple pie filling and whipped cream, along with other desserts.

More details are available on the social media pages of Maya Hot Cakes.

Summer treats from the pancake house


Pancake House has released its menu items for the summer and offers the latest in best-selling classics.

Pancake bites include fluffy bite-sized pancakes in classic, blueberry and country sausage. Prices start at P89.

The restaurant’s signature “Choose Anything 2” will return with additional options for breakfast additions. For P459, customers can choose from:

– 2 classic breads or waffles and 1 classic pan chicken
– Panwich with 2 crispy bacon strips or 3 slices of country sausage
– 1 classic pan chicken with egg and rice
– Spam, classic bacon and eggs
– Beef Taba (Classic or Spicy)

These can be enjoyed with iced tea or freshly brewed coffee.

Other new offerings from Pancake House include Ribe Taba Steak (P329 per plate, P 549 per plate) served with eggs, rice, garlic bits and mango salsa.

Includes 10 Pettic Classic Breads, 10 Pettico Soko Marble Breads, Scrambled Eggs, Blueberry Filling, Pork Strips, Butter, Maple Syrup, Banana and Sausage.

Meanwhile, Summer Coolers (starting at P119) are refreshing and icy drinks in varieties such as chocolate marble, blueberry and caramel banana walnut.

Summer items and other offerings from Pancake House can be ordered through the restaurant’s website, Hotline (887-79000), Crapfoot and Futbanda.

DGI launches the delivery menu on Friday


DGI now has delivery-exclusive bundles via Futbanda, Cropfoot and Figaro on Fridays.

Includes 3 burgers (cheese burger, signature, shiitake; 2 bundles of fave (country boneless fried chicken, bacon mozzarella burger, chicken primavera pasta); ) .All these are good for 3 to 4 people.

On Fridays Banquet A (8 pieces country boneless fried chicken, creamy spaghetti ala vodka, and baked garlic and cheese baguette) and party dinner B (8 pieces panco crust fish, chicken primavera pasta, and baked garlic and cheese baguette) 6 to 8 Good for individuals.

All bundles include free drink.

Customers can also choose the best competitive selection on Fridays, which is good for 2 to 3 people. This includes wrap and salad combo, burgers and wings combo, and pasta and pizza combo.

More details are available on the social media pages of DGI Fridays.

Ajinomoto’s Veggie Recipes for Kids


Ajinomoto Philippines is helping parents by sharing creative, affordable and delicious vegetable recipes for kids this summer.

These include cauliflower bites, which include bread crumbs for extra crunch; Mini lettuce and cheese pizza, a healthy baby favorite; Mixed vegetarian kitty patties, made with chicken breast and greens; And funny chamotte and carrot fries, which will squeeze extra beta carotene into children’s diets.

All cooking tips are available on the Ajinomoto website.

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