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Google ends Pixel Pass subscription

Google ends Pixel Pass subscription

With only a few weeks left until the launch of the Pixel 8 series, Google has discontinued the Pixel Pass subscription, closing it to new subscribers.

In conjunction with the launch of the Pixel 6 series, Google began offering an all-in-one subscription that combines your choice of Pixel phone, Preferred Care protection, Google One cloud storage, YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass, and (optional) Fi wireless service. For the right customer, the Pixel Pass plans, which started at $45, were solid deals, offering a modest discount on the bundle. However, the Pixel Pass was only available in the United States.

However, it appears that Google may not have found enough suitable customers. In an ad shared on a New support pageGoogle has confirmed that the Pixel Pass subscription has been discontinued as of August 29, 2023. The company notes its focus on “delivering the best value” as well as “flexibility” for customers.

We focus on providing the best value on our hardware products while giving users the flexibility to purchase their preferred services. Going forward, we will continue to evaluate offers based on customer feedback and provide different ways for them to access the best that Google has to offer.

It is important to note that the main thing that has changed today is that it is no longer possible to buy a new phone through the Pixel Pass package. Existing customers will not be affected by the day change, and active subscriptions will continue as normal until the end of the two-year period.

As an existing subscriber, you can continue the term of your existing Pixel Pass subscription, which is two years from the date your Pixel Pass was shipped. You won’t be able to upgrade to a new phone with a Pixel Pass at the end of the two-year period.

In addition, multiple 9to5Google Readers tell us that Google is offering subscribers a $100 Google Store credit for active Pixel Pass customers. (Thanks, Rob and Kevin!)

As a thank you for being a subscriber, we’re adding $100 of Google Store credit to your account. It is valid for two years and can be used towards any Google Store purchase. To view your balance, sign in to your Google Store account and check the settings page.

Notably, existing Pixel Pass subscribers will continue to get a discounted price for Google Play Pass, Google One, YouTube Premium, and WiFi Wireless, all of which will continue to auto-renew after payment for the phone.

At the end of the two-year period, you’ll own your Pixel phone and it’ll be paid for in full. Your preferred care (Google Store) or device protection (Google Fi Wireless) contract will end.

In order to maintain uninterrupted service, the included Google subscriptions (Google One, YouTube Premium and Google Play Pass) will continue to renew every month until cancelled. You’ll be charged monthly for Google One, YouTube Premium, and Google Play Pass at a discounted rate, as shown in the email sent to you on September 29, 2023 (subject: Important Pixel Pass update).

If you use a Pixel Pass on Google Fi Wireless, the $5 service discount on your Google Fi Wireless plan will also end.

However, if you prefer not to keep these subscriptions, you may cancel any or all of them individually at the end of the two years. Google will send you an alert before this happens.

You’ll be notified by email when you’re nearing the end of your two years of Pixel Pass. These notifications will include information about your options to purchase a new device and to cancel or continue the included Google Services at the end of the Term.

As before, you still have the option to opt out of Pixel Pass early by paying the remaining cost of your Pixel phone.

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Interestingly, Google chose to announce the end of Pixel Pass less than two months before the expected launch of the Pixel 8 series. However, the pause isn’t too surprising, considering neither the Pixel 7a nor the Pixel Fold were offered through Pixel Pass.

Have you had a Pixel Pass? Or are you considering the bundle for your next phone purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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