Great starter from Rio, Jays dropped the Yankees

Yankees 3 Blue Zeus7

There are some things I like more than a win against the Yankees.

It was a pleasure to watch at least until the eighth inning. Hyun Jin Ryu was as scary as usual. Up to two out of six, he faced a minimum. He was allowed to lead a solo first, but then got a double play. He did not allow the underpass runner until the fifth, when he dropped an out single and quickly destroyed him with another double. In seventh place he was a bit tired, with Gary Sanchez making an out-of-the-way Cavan pico throw error. A double and a ground out hit an undiscovered run and Rue’s night was over. David Phelps came in and finished the inning.

Clint Frasier lined up eighth behind Phelps. Jayce, wisely, pulled him out of the game. See him. After that it was a little more interesting than we wanted.

Jordan Romano came in and took Jay Bruce to the strikeout. But then DJ. Lemahiu doubled, Giancarlo Stondon singled, and suddenly it was a 6-3 game. Aaron Judge scored a fly out and Gary Sanchez walked away. That was good for Romano.

Julian Merweather, whom we did not expect to see tonight, came looking A four-out storage Exit the inning. His second pitch jumped and, thankfully, Gary Sanchez started towards second place. Danny Johnson caught the ball quickly, threw first, Vlad, quickly and accurately, threw to second, Sanchez marked the end of the inning. Yankees fans already don’t like Sanchez much. It does not help.

Tim Maysa came in ninth. I’m sure Charlie will leave to save Merryweather, but then, if he throws two pitches, he should be available tomorrow. We took another run in the eighth inning and could get a four-run lead with anyone in your bullpen. He dropped a leadoff single, but first Vlad got a ground ball, which he threw for a second touch (wide of the bow, but wide enough, who caught it and made the tag. Vlad’s good play. Poe made a good game, and the ball, and his throw was good, but it was called safe on the field.

We got a lot of crimes.

The good feature is that Gavan Piccio and Rowdy Telles, who started a start with bats for Sivan, chipped in. Rowdy’s first run of the year, second win of the year. His comrades gave him a quiet treat in the garden.

Piccio was 4 for 2. We will not mention his error here. Marcus Semian also came home.

We managed 10 wins and 4 walks. Poe, Vlad (now with 1.114 OPS), and Cavan each had two wins. Josh Palacios was with the RBI 1 and 2 for 3 wickets in a walk. Everyone in line reached the site. Lourdes were 0 for 3, but hit by the pitch, Danny Johnson was 0 or 3 for a walk.

Day Jays: Ryu (.243 WPA) and Palacios (.164). I’m giving it a 4 for 2 (.067 WPA) and a ton for better security tonight. Jayce leaves him first and he never plays across the diamond. He is more and more comfortable at first.

No Sackage Jays. He also had a low score of Telles-052 in the home run.

They play again tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Rose Stripping vs. Corey Klopper. I hope Kate knows that.

There were 697 comments on the game threat. EMK took us to victory. Good job sir. We visited from Joshua Diamond from Pinstripe Alley.

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