Gym outbreak in Quebec leads to more than 140 COVID-19 infections

The Regional Health Commission on Thursday confirmed that at least 141 people have been infected with COVID-19 in connection with an explosion at a gym in Quebec City.

The CIUSSS de la Capitol-National reported that the mega gym 24H eruption led to 21 more eruptions in the workplace.

CIUSSS ordered the gym closed Wednesday morning for violating health protocols. Despite the order, the facility remained open until 3pm, when Quebec City police showed up to close the place.

Late last week, gym management encouraged hosts to test the facility if they ever visited the facility after March 14 because they may have been exposed to a person suspected of having a variant of COVID-19.

Since then, the number of cases discovered for Jim has tripled because the hosts unknowingly spread the disease to family, friends and co-workers – more than 80 people became ill from the number of victims of the September Crowwalk bar outbreak.

The owner has a history of violating provincial orders

Mega Gym owner Don Marino did not respond to requests for comment. Marino a Voice opponent of gym closures Throughout the epidemic, he mobilized his side as he pushed other fitness center owners to reopen.

In June, he opened his gym in violation of provincial regulations and drew police and media to his doorstep.

In the past, Marino has also shared social media posts that question the effectiveness of masks and reduce the risks of the corona virus novel.

Don Marino, owner of Mega Fitness Gym 24H, opposes the government’s decision to close gyms during epidemics. (Cassandra Nadeau-Lamarch / Radio-Canada)

His Facebook page is now bombarded with angry comments as people blame him for the provincial government’s decision to close all essential businesses, including the gym, at least until April 12 in Quebec City.

Lewis and Katino have been added to the lock-up as health officials work to prevent the rapid spread in these three cities.

On Thursday afternoon, Marino released a lengthy post defending his efforts to comply with public health regulations – disinfecting equipment, wearing masks and keeping safe distances.

“This is not the time to hire as many entrepreneurs like me and others who are trying to sustain their businesses as possible,” Marino wrote. “We’re not right, no one. But we do what we can.”

Marino said he suffers from COVID not only as a business but also as a human being.

“My health is improving,” he wrote.

Wrong journalism or bad guidance?

Kinesiologist Gabriel Hardy says the mega-gym incident sends bad news to all other fitness centers in the province that strictly adhere to provincial regulations in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

He owns the Le Salad Gym in Quebec and heads the provincial chapter of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada.

“It’s a shame because it’s not like our industry is a cohesive industry and capable of enforcing ethics,” Hardy said, adding that the situation at Mega Gym 24H was an isolated incident.

However, epidemiologists say GVs are a high-risk system because COVID-19 is often transmitted by airborne droplets and aerosols.

“When you’re at the gym, you’m sweating, you’m breathing heavily, all of which increase the risk of contagion,” said Pratibha Paral, an epidemiologist and doctoral candidate for the Baltimore Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

One of the many public health rules for gyms in Quebec is wiping after use. (Paul Sison / The Canadian Press)

A similar, widespread eruption a Ontario Spin Studio The last fall led to more than 70 infections. After contact with the virus-infected family, friends and other contents, provincial health officials were forced to look strictly at the rules for fitness centers.

“Even though they followed the guidelines, there was a significant amount of outbreak,” said Dr. Barbara Yaff, Ontario’s chief medical officer.

Last fall, the transfer of the corona virus novel to a gym in Surrey, BC, led to at least 42 cases of COVID-19. According to health officials there.

Throughout the epidemic, there have been outbreaks linked to gyms across Canada and the United States.

The question is whether it is for the gym or not

Citing the improved COVID-19 situation in Quebec, the government allowed the reopening of gyms in the Montreal area on March 26, even though it was still a red zone.

Gyms in the remaining provinces were allowed to reopen on March 8, but the sudden rise in COVID-19s has forced the government to reverse that decision in some areas.

Regardless, people in the Montreal area can still work, and this is surprising to people like Dr. Fatima Kakar, a pediatric epidemiologist in the city.

He often walks into his gym and is shocked to see people running on the treadmill without a mask because the risks are greater than ever before, he said.

These species, like those first discovered in the United Kingdom, are highly contagious in a closed environment, he said.

“There are people who work on cardio machines without masks, which is by the rules, but it is a very dangerous process,” Cocker said.

“We have to be really careful, we have to think about what is really necessary for the vital well-being of the people, we have to resist what is not so necessary and try to control there.”

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