December 9, 2023

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In Paris, the personal drama of Palestinian ambassador Hala Abu Hazira

In Paris, the personal drama of Palestinian ambassador Hala Abu Hazira

“Every time a blast is announced, I scan the names of the martyrs. Always, with the fear that my last name would end up on the list of victims. I am trying to find out where the blast happened. Next to our building? So far? Which street was affected, which family? I never thought I would experience such moments. » Hala Abu Hazira is the ambassador of a territory and a city that was pulverized, his: Gaza.

On November 5, the Palestinian Ambassador to France, who has served in Belgium and Canada for two years, described the unspeakable on the social network X: “We have just buried thirty of my relatives, their children and grandchildren. Twenty-eight people are still trapped under the rubble. »

As requested the world, Hala Abu Hazira, 47, describes the hours that have passed since then, her hand clutching her phone in vain. With respect to complete cuts and their partial restoration of telecommunications networks in the Palestinian Territory: “I call Gaza twenty times a day, or more. Sometimes it rings and no one answers. It’s a dream. »

Three generations destroyed by one strike

A vetted representative of the Palestinian Authority, who met at his Parisian home on Saturday, November 18, kept his eyes glued to the Al-Jazeera channel, where hundreds of civilians were seen flying white flags and bodies of buildings destroyed. Bomb blasts. She describes the deaths of those close to her. Three generations were destroyed by force: “An elderly relative, his children, their wives, his grandchildren and neighbors: sixty people were killed when the building was targeted. No one survived. »

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Abu Hazira died without warning from gunfire after being surrounded and captured by Israeli forces, gathered in the same house located near the sea in Gaza City’s port district, a stone’s throw from Al-Shifa Hospital. Like many Gazan families, parents and children gathered there, some to welcome the exodus from their neighborhoods and streets. ” Israelis no longer warn before bombing. First they did. Now they shoot. Even if they know there are 60 or 100 people in the houses, they mark them.”, said the ambassador.

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Hala Abu Hazira rejects claims by the Israeli military that it has targeted Hamas fighters during its attacks, and cites the bombing of the Jabalia refugee camp on 1R November, it left a square of buildings in pieces and dozens of dead missing: “They said they were targeting Ibrahim Biari [un chef de brigade du Hamas], not even that guy… There is no other logic behind this carnage than revenge. They want to destroy Hamas, but they destroy people and civilian infrastructure. »

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