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Overt wins 1st IndyCar win in Texas after a big 1st lap crash

FORTWORT, Texas – Pato Overd felt calm while enjoying a completed lap ride in Texas, winning his first IndyCar Series on the road very close to the Mexican-born driver’s hometown. “It’s great to be doing this in a place so close to my heart, so close to home,” O’Ward said, four days before his 22nd birthday. “It simply came to our notice then. A lot of my family were here, so I am so happy to share this moment with them. “O’Ward crossed Joseph Newcord 23 laps to go Sunday and Arrow McLaren was ahead of SB in 5th place with the rest of the way. The system will now be followed with a promise that O’Ward will be allowed to test a Formula One car later this year. The race was in second place for several days in Texas, and the second first lap of Indigo this season was in the doldrums. Six cars were made before reaching the green flag, with Pietro Fitti hitting Sebastian Portice from behind, knocking four-time open-wheel champion Alexander Rossi. The cars of Ed Jones, Dalton Kellet, Stuffville, Ont., And Connor Daly were also destroyed in an accident when approaching the start-finish line for the first time. Daley, who was starting at the back of the 24 car field, was hit upside down after being trapped between two other cars. He slid along the front length and flipped on its wheels before planting the car in the rain-saturated infield grass. The aeroscreen on Dolly’s car protected him when the car was upside down. The aeroscreen saved the life of Ryan Hunter-Ray at the start of the season at Barber, which removed a tire from the helmet in another first-lap crash. “I’m fine, I’m fine,” Daly said later. Newgarden, who started the sixth, said he noticed a “small test” somewhere in front of him. “The smallest test will turn out to be a big result. I think that’s what happened today,” Newgarden said. “I was able to fix it, but I think they may have exaggerated behind it. This is unfortunate. … It would be so tricky behind that. “The two-day event in Texas ended four races in three weekends before heading to Indianapolis in late May. It was the first IndyCar win by a non-team Benskey driver since 2016. Graham Rahal was third behind Scott Dixon and Colton Herta, while Dixon was 1 1/2-mile ahead of New Zealand’s 206 at 212 laps on Saturday night at the 1-2 end. Rookie Scott McCallon finished second, leading 163 at 248 laps at the Oval, while Dixon’s fifth win in Texas ranked 51st overall in his career, second only to A.J. Boyd’s 67 at Mario Andrei. Moved to come. Overt, who sometimes grew up in San Antonio, Texas, won his 26th Indigo opening and second full season. McLaren told him at the start of the season that he could test the F1 car this year if he won the IndyCar. Moments after the victory, McLaren’s F1 team captain Jack Brown said, “A deal a deal ?? Patricioward ?? – What a success! See you in Abu Dhabi later this year! “Overt made a strong push to go 30 laps in the final restart, several laps behind Newgarden before turning around on Turn 3. “I feel like we really won today. I know we have a very, very, very fast car. It is very difficult to get past. Everyone entered into the same strategy, “O’Ward said. He’s never felt defensive. He’s not sure what happened at the start of the race, and everyone starts accelerating before the accordion effect creates chaos.” It takes one person when everyone has a nose tail, “he said. Fittibaldi, who has been running his first IndyCar races in Texas since 2018, suddenly showed up in front of him and said, “I could not go anywhere.” When he saw that, Rosie said, “I’m glad everyone was right.” Rosie criticized the setting of the start by points rather than qualifying for Indigo speeds, especially the start of Sunday evening and the fact that the teams sat idle most days, which put cars at different speeds across the field, which made the cars green flag. Trying to go at the speed of going to is a factor in the accident. Tony Conan was able to continue the race despite some tough contacts. James Hingcliff, of Oakville, Ont., Had problems after landing on the field and finished only 30 laps between several extended stops before parking the car. Ford’s team has created a reconstruction for the Portuguese to rebuild the 14th Chevrolet, after Newgord was hit from just 56 yards out in a race on Saturday. When the Bordoys were running in sixth place, as he spun, the car backed sharply into the outer wall. Foyt cars (another Kellet) were in the opening crash Sunday. “For two days in a row it was a real shame that we were drilled and knocked out of the race,” Bordois said. “Two very expensive days for AJ Boyd Racing. … The guys worked until midnight to fix the car, and couldn’t even pick up the green flag. “___ More AP Auto Betting: https://apnews.com/hub/auto-racing and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports Stephen Hawkins, Associated Press

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