October 1, 2023

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Joe Biden gets it wrong again in a pub in Ireland

Joe Biden gets it wrong again in a pub in Ireland

In a pub in Dundalk, President Joe Biden made the mistake of confusing the “All Blacks” with a British army unit that fought alongside the Irish Republican Army.

IRELAND – Joe Biden adds to his list of mistakes. On Wednesday, April 12, the US President continued his trip to Ireland for the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, first to Dublin and then to Louth in the Republic of Ireland.

During this Irish tour, he visited a pub in Dundalk, where the President again made a big mistake, confusing a rugby team and a British army unit that had fought the Irish Republican Army a century earlier.

He was telling a story about his rugby player cousin, Rob Kearney, who beat the New Zealand All Blacks in Chicago in 2016 with the Irish rugby team. Politics. “He beat the black and danse hands down” Then President Biden exclaimed, You can listen from the section below.

British Army against IRA separatists

A particularly embarrassing confusion in light of British history. The ” Black and Brown” British reserve troops were deployed against the Independent IRA during the Irish War of Independence against Great Britain in 1920. British media noted that they were so called because their uniforms consisted mostly of a mixture of black and khaki clothing. The Independent.

The piece caused a lot of talk on social networks, with some British netizens mocking the sheer stupidity. “That memorable day when the Irish rugby team won at Soldier Field in Chicago “Black and Dance Hell”, “Rob Kearney celebrates after winning Black and Dance…”, They wrote.

After a day-long tour of Northern Ireland and the Republic, which ended with a visit to his ancestral home of County Louth, Joe Biden spoke about the family ties that connect him to Ireland. He promised to return to the meeting in County Louth.

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