Kettering Swimming Club Bags super 1,000 thanks to the supermarket grant program

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Catering Amateur Swimming Association has received a grant of 1,000 as part of Tesco’s Backs of Help program.

The club is the latest recipient of a community project run in conjunction with Community Charity Groundwork.

They will now use the money, along with the money raised in other fundraising efforts, to buy the fourth-track Start-up block of the genre used in major competitions.

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Head coach Jacqueline Farrow said: “Having another track start block increases the volume types used in big tournaments by a third of our members.

“The most welcome news is that we’ve spent eight months out of the water a year after this award from Tesco’s Backs Help Community Grant Project.”

Since its launch in 2015, Backs of Help has provided more than $ 68 million to nearly 30,000 local community projects across the UK.

While not currently voting in stores, Tesco colleagues have worked together to determine which three local projects in their region should receive the 1,000 grant.

Claire de Silva, Tesco’s Community Leader, said: “Aid bags contribute to community projects both up and down the country, but while our customers are not able to vote in this round, we are pleased with the number of colleagues who have come together to choose projects in their local areas.

“Having had a very difficult year, we look forward to these projects providing vital support to their communities.”

Graham Duxbury, Groundwork’s National Executive, said: “Tesco Community Grants continues to help local communities across the UK improve their locations and locations of importance to them.

“The diversity of funded projects shows that local communities are keen to create something special in their area. We are pleased to be part of the journey and provide support and encouragement to help local communities thrive.”

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