November 29, 2023

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Latest information and answers to your questions

Latest information and answers to your questions

Cover Image: Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems at a military airfield in Schwesing, Germany in March 2022. Axel Heimken / AB

  • Mike Johnson, the new Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, balked at Joe Biden’s request for aid to Ukraine. Republicans will first introduce a separate bill to provide $14.5 billion in aid to Israel, but said they need more information on the Biden administration’s strategy on Ukraine.
  • Slovakia announced on Thursday that it was ending arms deliveries to UkraineLimits support to its neighbors“Humanitarian and Civilian Assistance”. there “The war in Ukraine is not ours (…). The EU must change from being an arms supplier to a peacemaker”, Robert Figo announced the day after he was appointed head of a coalition government linked to the pro-Russian far-right party. According to the Kiel Institute, Slovakia provided 670 million euros in military aid to Ukraine during the first year of the conflict with Russia.
  • A group of Hamas has just visited MoscowSpokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Hamas is not considered a terrorist organization in Russia, and its representatives have already made two trips to Moscow in the past year. The spokesman announced that Ali Bagheri Ghani, Iran’s deputy foreign minister responsible for nuclear negotiations, was also in the Russian capital.
  • Russian forces take up positions in the Avtivka sector, according to the Institute for War Studies. Geospatial images released on Tuesday showed the Russian army advancing northwest of Krasnorivka, about 5 kilometers northwest of Avdivka. The Ukrainian General Staff, for its part, reports that Russian attacks near four locations near Stepov, Donenke, Chivern and Nevelske, near Avdiivka, have failed.
  • Ukrainian authorities ordered Evacuation of children in ten places near Kubiansk. A total of 275 minors will be affected by this move. Ukrainian authorities had already evacuated civilians around Kupiensk in August due to the advance of Russian forces within ten kilometers of the city.
  • The International Atomic Energy Agency has expressed concern over the firing near the Khmelnytsky nuclear power plant. Interception of two drones near the Khmelnytskyi power plant overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday “Recalls Ukraine’s extremely dangerous situation in terms of nuclear security, which will continue as long as this tragic war lasts”The Director General of the IAEA warns.
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