Leaked PCCCD documents shed light on how COVID-19 affects the South Island

P.C. A couple of reports leaked from the Centers for Disease Control show that the government has withheld the number of cases of COVID-19 at the neighborhood and the details it provides when receiving vaccines.

Reports released Vancouver Sun. Four times longer than the weekly reports released by the BCCD on Thursday. They include details such as the number of cases in neighboring countries and which regions have the highest test positive rates.

For example, a map shown in the documents for the week of April 18-24 suggested the lowest test rates on South Vancouver Island (0.0 percent) in North Sanctuary and the lowest in the Longford area (10.1 to 20 percent).

During the week of April 23-29, reports show that cases are on the rise in View Royal, Longford and Colwood, with a positive rate of 40 per 100,000 in those communities.

The status of the details is what experts are begging for, but not yet available.

“When the public has good information they can make good decisions. Carolyn Collign, part of the UBC Covit-19 Modeling Group, asks for public confidence and our public health response.

Colliz says the information provided in the BCCDC reports should be made public without fail because this information could change the habits of British Columbians, vaccinate them or induce others to get vaccinated.

“A case is to be made for this regional data. If you are a community leader, a trust leader, a GP, a nurse, someone who is in a position to connect, you know there are a lot of cases around you. Public,” he said.

“We can imagine those individuals finding lower vaccination rates and encouraging their communities to get vaccinated or not to hold meetings or to be more positive if the cases are high.”

Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry responded Friday to the leaked reports.

In response to the leaked reports, BC. Health officials called a last-minute news conference at 2:30 p.m. to answer questions from the media.

Henry BC

“They are working copies and most of those reports are published in some form on a weekly basis,” Dr. Henry told the media on Friday.

Health officials have recommended that the published data be a “working copy” of the data, which is eventually released to the public, and that there is a team of physicians trying to put this data into an environment where the public can digest and understand it.

Dr. Henry added that a back-and-forth process is underway to verify the data before health officials release it.

“The people who provided the data should look at it and make sure it reflects the meaning,” Dr. Henry said.

Dr Gustafson pointed out that it would be “helpful” for officials to hear that the format of the leaked reports has found a better way for the public to view information, and that the BCCDC will work with colleagues to embrace possible changes that move forward.

According to health officials, they plan to release mixed reports of neighborhood cases and immunization rates in the same area without fail. Henry told the media that the public can expect these reports in the coming weeks.

Following the leaked reports, the B.C. Liberals – like many members of the media – also raised the question of why this data was not shared publicly with British Colombians.

“We were Excellent COVID-19 calls for data transparency For months, but the NDP largely ignored our demands – now we know they have this data, ”he said. Liberal Health Critic Renee Merfield said. “Deliberate withholding this important information from British Colombians – especially after many have asked for it to be released – is a failure of the government.”

BC, which was severely affected by the epidemic. The opposition says the leaked data “shines a light” on communities, and the party believes the information could have been used to educate the public.

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