October 1, 2023

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Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, authored a new anti-Semitic rant

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, authored a new anti-Semitic rant

A new anti-Semitic speech by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, which at first went unnoticed, surfaced on September 6 and drew outrage. Ahead of Fatah’s revolutionary council, the Arab world’s oldest leader (87 years old) at his party’s parliament in Ramallah on August 24 outlined the history of the Jewish people, their origins and their history of persecution in Europe. The Nazi regime’s anti-Semitism during World War II led to denial that it led to genocide.

“They say that Hitler killed the Jews because they were Jews, and that Europe hated the Jews because they were Jews. This is wrong. (…) The [Européens] They fought with these people because of their role in society, which was related to usury, money. (…) According to [Hitler]They did sabotage and that’s why he hated them”, said Mr. Abbas.

Hosted by the Palestinian President “To Explain to the World” A “the truth” : The Jews of Europe, according to him, cannot be victims of anti-Semitism, cannot be Semites. He took as his own a controversial theory that Ashkenazi Jews were not from the Middle East, but the Khazars, a nomadic tribe of Central Asia, converted to Judaism in the Middle Ages. This argument has fueled conspiracy discourse in recent years.

“a shame”

Ramallah’s pseudo-history lesson drowned out one of his river speeches, broadcast live by official Palestinian television, and Abbas has never been weak and discredited by the indifference of residents of the West Bank and Gaza.

The spiel was made public on September 6 Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri), a pro-Israel website that monitors Arabic and Iranian media. Dani Dayan, president of the Yad Vashem memorial in Jerusalem, condemned the reports. “The Holocaust is not just an example of denial and distortion: it exploits deeply held anti-Semitic stereotypes.”

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German ambassador to Israel, Steffen Seibert, condemned “An insult to the memory of the millions of men, women and children who were murdered”Add that “Palestinians deserve to hear the historical truth from their leaders.” Even Washington and Paris condemned these views. The European Union has further stated these statements “Play the game of those who don’t want a two-state solution, for which President Abbas has pleaded on several occasions”.

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