Morrisons: Supermarket returns Ramadan Essentials lunch box for 33

Morrisons filled his Ramadan lunch box with halal meat, toast, I bread and more. The box has enough ingredients to make a daily meal for a month.

The Morrisons Ramadan Essentials lunch box costs only £ 33 and can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

Filled with foods and ingredients to make a quick and easy meal, this box contains 29 portions of halal chicken, toast, yogurt, I bread, two kilograms of flour, pre-fried sauce, chicken tikka meat and more.

Customers will also receive a large bottle of Ma Lassi and a complimentary gift box of dates.

Another drink included in the box was Ma Rubigan’s carton.

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“We know what our customers want in our Ramadan Essentials box and will help them create delicious meals throughout the month of Ramadan.”

Morrisons’ food boxes were introduced online last year in response to the epidemic, and since then the selection of boxes has grown.

The supermarket now has 30 boxes for each occasion.

The most recent boxes to include in the exam include a BBQ box, a family travel box, a luxury Blackman’s travel box and the best breakfast in a bed box.

The BBQ box costs £ 40 and includes meats, snacks and desserts to feed the whole family.

Customers can choose from beef leg pounders, bacon sausages, chicken drumsticks and maple glazed belly pork, as well as soft white rolls to serve.

The Family Picnic Box goes on sale for 26, and includes a variety of travel items such as sausage rolls, kolsla and cocktail sausages.

Cheese slices, ham and white bread are served to make sandwiches.

Available for 30, the luxury Blackman Picnic Box features Morrisons premium picnic products from its best range.

These products include Mark de Champagne chocolate food items and rye sour crackers.

Ideal for a lazy weekend breakfast, the bedside table is fitted with luxury items for a happy breakfast.

Priced at 22, it includes whey pancakes, bacon, maple syrup, teapot, orange juice and seed bread.

All boxes will be available for next day delivery if customers order before 3pm.

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I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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