Opens a community supermarket run by the Nocturum Estate Community

A church and elementary school has partnered with a local charity to open a community supermarket and tea room run by volunteers at Nocturm Garden in Birkenhead in an effort to unite the community.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church and St. Peter’s Elementary School implemented the plans when the charity Break the Mold was shut down.

The community supermarket opening took place Saturday morning at St. Peter’s Church. Local Councilor George Davis cut the official opening ribbon.

Fully stocked – community supermarket ready for residents

Claire Smith, business manager at St. Peter’s Elementary School, said: “Notre Dame Estate has long been considered one of Whirl ” forgotten gardens’.

“Although close to Upton, Austen and Brendan, it sits alone with no seating facilities and no community center. Only retail outlets are more expensive stores to use.

“So, we worked tirelessly for the latest lock to change this.”

Community supermarket opens at St. Peter's Catholic Church

Community supermarket opens at St. Peter’s Catholic Church

This supermarket is located inside the newly renovated area of ​​St. Peter’s Parish Church and is open to anyone and is not subject to benefits or testing.

Chris Lay, sports coach at St. Peter’s Elementary School and director of the Break the Mold charity, raised funds and organized the support of local charities, including Feeding Birkenhead and his church.

The supermarket is set up in the same format as many local stores with stocks from Tesco and Hurstin Bakery.

Locals keep stock

Locals keep stock

Claire said: “Both local volunteers, school staff and parishioners have prepared this space and ensured that the supermarket can be opened as often as possible.

“The hope is that the role will reflect the needs of the community, although it all depends on availability, but there will always be a guaranteed friendly face, supportive ear and a cup of tea.

Get stock in the social supermarket

Get stock in the social supermarket

“We hope this incredible new initiative will provide new opportunities to engage the wider community and reunite people.”

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