Phones and devices are required to pre-install Russian software

  • New Russian law requiring devices to install Russian software is now in effect.
  • It aims to allow Russian software companies to compete with foreign companies.
  • Some call this the “law against Apple”, although Apple did not hesitate to rule.
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In Russia now all smart devices, including smartphones, computers and smart TVs, must be pre-installed with Russian software, some locals call the “law against Apple”.

The new came into effect on Thursday and will apply to all devices purchased in the country from then until today.

Reuters noted Russia sees this as a way to help Russian software companies compete with international companies.

This law was an issue for Apple, and many in the country called it “the law against Apple.”

But Reuters reported last month that Apple had agreed to allow people to install Russian software when phones are set up.

The company said it will provide apps for users when they start activating and setting up their new phones from Russian developers, but Reuters reports that all apps are being checked to make sure they comply with Apple’s own privacy and security policies.

This means that users can choose Russian applications over foreign applications when setting up their devices.

Russia has in recent years sought to dismantle US technology companies in the country and strengthen the country’s credibility over its own, government-controlled “sovereign Internet.” Russia cut down on Twitter last month in response to the company’s refusal to remove various banned content. But it backfired Because it blocks many more domains, Including the Kremlin’s own website.

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