Prince George is the pink supermoon that will dazzle the sky this April

Mark your calendars and see the sky.

If you miss the March Worm Moonlighting the sky, you won’t want to miss the local lunar offering of April.

This year, the full moon in April is called the “Pink Moon”, also known as the “Supermoon”.

What does this mean in the world?

No, Chandra Behimot would not have supernatural powers or super-celestial abilities – it would simply be huge.

But it is still beautiful.

The full moon of the month of April, known as the “Pink Moon”, falls on Monday, April 26th. Rising in the sky. At Prince George, the moon will appear at 4:13 a.m., so if you are not a super late night owl or a super-early riser, on Sunday night (April 25) you will catch the heavenly body in all its super glory.

Why is it called the pink moon?

Almanac of the Old Farmers The Pink Moon got its name from “” mossy pink “or one of the wild spring phlox-first spring flowers.” They point out that the natives would give each rebirth unique names to mark the change of seasons. Thus, many of these names arose when Native Americans first came in contact with the colonialists.

That being said, April moon indicates that the full moon goes by other names including full moon grass moon, egg moon and full fish moon.

Because the pink moon qualifies as a “supermoon”, it is 15 percent brighter and seven percent larger than the regular full moon because it is closer to Earth.

Earthsky Astronomers generally refer to “supermoons” as Perigian full moons – indicating that the Moon is “close to Earth”.

Sky-seekers should choose to travel as far as possible from city lights to avoid light pollution that obscures the clarity of celestial bodies. While it performs better in more remote locations, it offers better viewing positions anywhere with higher altitudes.

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