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The COVID-19 Vaccine Meeting for Internal Health invites Rudy Ingenhorst to press 1 to pass fifty seconds to a message already recorded on the telephone line.

The Salmon Arm resident, who qualified for the vaccine on Monday, March 29 (aged 73 and over), then receives another short message that ends with another chance to press 1. Another short message, press 1. Another similar long message First, press 1. Eventually, Ingenhorst is asked to wait in line, after which his estimated wait time is said to be 15 minutes.

Ingenhorst said it was “always 15 minutes” after guessing it was his 19th call since Monday morning to the number 1-877-740-7747 issued by the health authority to book an appointment at the vaccination clinic held at the Saskatchewan Entertainment Center.

“At one point I had to be in the actual waiting queue. After 30 minutes, it changed to a dial tone and said leave a message. That’s the end,” Ingenhorst said.

When he was able to connect with a living person, Ingenhorst was asked for his address and was then told there were no places to book and asked to call back next week. He received the same answer when he tried to call Tuesday morning.

“So, I went to the arena this morning to see if I could talk to someone there,” said Ingenhorst, who failed to get an appointment.

“Basically, my request is that the Salmon Arm not be published somewhere on a daily basis to see if it is eligible for booking. I don’t want to spend two hours a day because there are no bookings available at Salmon Arm. ”

Bob White shared the frustration of the Ingenhorst. In his 60s, he received a letter from White County identifying him as the most vulnerable medically. Recipients of such letters can register their appointments from March 29.

“I can’t get an appointment. They need to call for an hour and be put on hold for an hour to find out if they have any appointment times at this time. So nuts,” White explained Monday morning.

White thought it was impossible and impossible for the government to cope with such a massive effort.

Shuswap MLA Greg Kylo also said it was a concern, as well as that his office had been flooded by similar complaints from frustrated residents. Like Ingenhorst, he questioned why the health authority did not set up an online registration system.

“I appreciate that we have been infected for 13 months, but even in the early days, I knew they should have gotten into their minds about how the vaccine roll would have been last spring, and of course there was more than enough time to register online,” Kylo said.

In response to White’s concerns, Internal Health mentions the number in an email sent to the Observer. COVID-19 Vaccine Information Page, And other clinics.

“Unfortunately, the creation of clinics to meet the demand is in progress,” the Health Commission commented. “We understand that calling back is frustrating, but we ask everyone to be patient and know that everyone will get a meeting.”

Regarding online booking, Home Health noted that from April 15, you can try to book an appointment using the Get Vaccine registration and booking tool and call center online.

Following his own disappointing planning for the entertainment center, White emailed an update to the Observer on Wednesday, saying his diligence had paid off and he was able to book an appointment by April 18.

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