Saskatchewan adds 280 COVID-19 infections, no new deaths

The Saskatchewan government reports 280 new COVID-19 Saturday no cases and no new deaths.

Officials said the total number of deaths was incorrectly reported as 437 on Friday because one death had been previously reported incorrectly, and that number should have been 436.

Regina registers 127 new COVID-19 cases and Saskatoon 51 new cases.

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Alberta Health investigates COVID-19 explosion linked to P1 variant

The seven-day average of daily new cases is 17.9 per 220 or 100,000.

There are 189 people in the hospital with COVID-19, 42 of whom are in intensive care. Regina has the highest number of patients receiving intensive care with 26 patients.

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A total of 3,336 COVID-19 tests were performed on Friday.

As of Friday, 2,226 concerns had been identified by screening in Saskatchewan. VOCs are Northeast (2), Northwest (1), North Central (16), Saskatoon (117), Midwest (12), Middle East (32), Regina (1,578), Southwest (7), and South Central (173). And Southeastern (157) Zones. The residential area of ​​131 cases is pending.

Saskatchewan officials are urging residents to follow public health recommendations and measures to be safe over the Easter weekend. Authorities are asking residents to consider making the meetings virtual and keeping the Easter egg hunt only for immediate homes.

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Authorities are urging COVID-19 warnings over the holiday weekend as Saskatchewan embraces it

Authorities are urging COVID-19 warnings over the holiday weekend as Saskatchewan embraces it

A letter signed by Saskatchewan doctors and medical health officials said vaccines were important but would not soon be enough to prevent the spread of harmful COVID-19 strains in the province.

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“If we do not take seriously all of our other public health precautions in the coming days, some will not survive to see those normal days.”

The signatories urge residents to go above and beyond the following restrictions, comparing the situation to a bad snowstorm.

“The dangers are very high if we speed at an unknown speed limit on icy roads and have reduced visibility that threatens to drown us in the abyss.”

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Family visits are prohibited in South Saskatchewan. Immunization, lifelong health facilities

Signatories ask residents to schedule virtual meetings instead of meeting in person. Health workers said one of the main reasons for the spread of COVID was the spread between homes.

“Holiday travel has the potential to carry the virus around the province. We usually see post-holiday cases. Easter takes us to another important place, ”the letter read.

“We ask yourself: Do I have to do it because I can do it?

“That means avoiding unnecessary travel anywhere outside of your home community, postponing that Easter family reunion until next year,” the letter read.

Read the full letter and see the SHA to see who signed it News release.

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A total of 5,504 COVID-19 vaccines were administered Friday.

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