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Find your misplaced locations using AR technology with the Galaxy Smart Tag +

Samsung Electronics Today the Galaxy announced the official launch of the Smart Tag + April 16.1 The Galaxy Smart Tag + features both Bluetooth Low Energy (PLE) and Ultra-White Band (UWP) technology so that location can be pointed out with greater accuracy..2 It also uses magnified Reality (AR) technology to guide the view to the location of your missing item using your smartphone’s camera.3

Easily find your misplaced items

The Galaxy Smart Tag +, a new iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag, can be paired with everyday items, such as backpacks or keychains, so they are accurate and easy Find SmartTodings Service on your Galaxy device.4

Discover your belongings with the new AR detector technology

Since the Galaxy Smart Tag + BLE- and UWB- are enabled, you can now use AR technology to locate the missing item.5 AR Finder guides you with an easy-to-follow interface on your UWP-equipped smartphone like the Galaxy S21 + or S21 Ultra, which shows you how far you are from your Galaxy Smart Tag + and points you in its direction. As you get closer to the location of the tag, you can choose to create a loud ring so that even if it slips under the sofa, you will have no problem finding it.

“UWP is a real game converter that makes it possible to lock the position of an object with great precision,” said KJ Kim, head of the EVP and mobile R&D office at Samsung Electronics’ mobile communications business. “That’s why we’re expanding the UWP across the Galaxy ecosystem and finding new ways to improve this technology to make people’s daily lives easier and more comfortable.”

Mark the location of your tag even when it is far away

The powerful detection capabilities of the Galaxy Smart Tag + SmartToungs detection allow you to locate items marked on a map, even if they are misplaced somewhere from where you are. Tags BLE connection and use the power of the Galaxy device network. Smartoutings users can opt through the Smartoutings app and drive their Galaxy smartphone or tablet to help others locate their lost tags or devices. When you report that your tag is missing in SmartDougments Discovery, any nearby Galaxy device will alert the selected Smartdings server about its location and you will be notified. All data in SmartDoungs Discovery is encrypted and protected, so the location of the tag is unknown to anyone but you.

Control your smart devices remotely with the click of a button

On top of that, the Galaxy Smart Tag + and Smart Tag will be more helpful than finding lost possessions. You forgot to turn off your bed light, but you’re already out of the house? Instead of running back home, you can turn off the light remotely using your smart tag + or smart tag.6 With the SmartTouds app, you can select different functions that you want your tag to complete when you press or hold the tag button.

The Galaxy Smart Tag + will be available in stages from April 16th.1 The Galaxy Smart Tag + works using the Smartings Discovery service provided in the Smartings app. To learn more, visit

1 Availability and time may vary depending on the market.

2 Galaxy Smart Tag Versus with PLE technology.

3 Within the AR Finder feature of the Smartdings Find service provided in the Smartdings app.

4 Bluetooth range 120 m. Samsung Galaxy Smartphone running Android 8.0 or higher & 2.0GB or more requires initial setup and select Location Tracking through the Smartdings Find service of the Smartdings app.

5 Available on Galaxy devices with UWP technology including Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Galaxy S21 +, Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2.

6 Must be within Bluetooth range of Galaxy phone.

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