Special Forces Commander after handling a military sexual assault case

The Commander of Canada’s Special Forces is on indefinite pay following the revelation that he wrote a letter in support of a soldier who was sexually assaulted prior to sentencing in the 2017 case.

Major-General. The lieutenant general said in a statement on Sunday that Peter Dave would hand over his command to the unit’s deputy commander and go on leave. Wayne Air.

The move comes just days before Iyer announced that Dave would be rotated from his role of leading the Canadian Special Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) next week, ahead of his original departure date this summer.

But outrage has erupted on the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) teams and on social media, with Iyer not going too far in allowing Dave to return to his new position initially as director general of international security policy.

This decision was considered a difficult one for the five because Dave had status in the military. Iyer said in the statement that he was taking further steps to regain his composure.

“In the interests of CAF synchronization and morale, and to maintain CANSOFCOM’s operational focus, both national compulsions, yesterday I ordered Egene Dave to immediately order current Deputy Commander Bijen Steve Boyne to go on leave,” the Ayres report reads.

Kennel Samun, a retired Major and his wife, retired Captain Annalise Chamon, following which Dave wrote a letter in support of a soldier who had been found guilty of sexually assaulting Annalise. (Brian Morris / CBC)

Anger over writing note

Dave’s leadership study was inspired by revelations in a CBC News Story He wrote a letter in support of a soldier convicted of sexual abuse, while at the same time offering no support to the victims. Kevin and Analys Shamun spoke publicly for the first time this week, expressing distrust of Dave’s continued leadership.

Kevin Shamun, a retired Major, said he was shocked to hear that Dave, then his superior in the Special Forces, had written a letter of reference for the Major. Jonathan Hamilton, the convict who sexually assaulted retired Captain Analys Shamun, is on two separate occasions. Hamilton was also convicted of two counts of physically assaulting Kevin Shamun.

“Through this experience, I believe General Dave has lost the moral authority to lead the Special Forces,” Kevin Shamun said.

Dave wrote an open letter earlier this week.

“I failed our command member because you all read it,” he wrote in an open letter to CBC News. “Instead, when I approached the culprit in this case, I felt empathy with his personal struggles and responded emotionally.

“Although my motive was purely motivated, it is clear that the impact of my actions was very detrimental to the victim and her spouse. Also, I did not consider how my actions would be viewed by other quiet survivors of sexual violence within our ranks.”

Iver’s statement said Davey’s “income and future employment will be determined and communicated in a timely manner.”

“I have full confidence in Emgen Dave as an officer who has accepted full responsibility and learned from this tragic case. However, the needs of the company must be given priority.”

Iyer also promised to examine the practice of letters of recommendation in legal proceedings.

“I do not expect these actions to correct past mistakes, or to ease the sense of treachery felt by the Shamun family. We must continue to learn and see to it that situations like this do not recur. In doing so, we must always be at the forefront of the victims’ perspective.” And be accountable for our actions. “

“We have to do better.”

The government is open to significant changes: Sajjan

The move comes just days after the federal government announced another external review led by former Canadian Supreme Court Justice Louis Arbor, which will look into the issue of sexual harassment in the military.

An earlier report in the case, former Supreme Court Justice Mary Deshchamps, recommended an agency independent of the chain of command to report misconduct. The company was never created, instead a sexual misconduct response center was created that is independent, but provides counseling only to victims.

Watch | ‘We have to get this right,’ says the defense minister:

Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan told the CBC’s chief political correspondent Rosemary Parton that the federal government would not wait for a full report on sexual abuse in the Canadian military. 10:30

In an interview aired Sunday Rosemary Barton Live, Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan said the government was ready to make major structural reforms in how the military handles sexual abuse.

“This is going to be a potential change in organizational change, where officials need to change. There may also be legislative changes,” he told the CBC’s chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton.

Sajjan said he would act on the interim recommendations put forward by Arbor rather than waiting for the final report.

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