November 29, 2023

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Star Wars World Between Worlds comes to live-action in Ahsoka’s Episode 4

Star Wars World Between Worlds comes to live-action in Ahsoka’s Episode 4

Not much has happened yet Star Wars: Ahsoka, the latest Star Wars show on Disney Plus. Sure enough, Sabine and Ahsoka are reunited, and Sabine resumes her training. But until Episode 4, the duo was mostly talking about finding Ezra and Thrawn, and they never actually did. Episode 4 has shaken things up in some pretty unexpected ways, including bringing one of its own Star Wars: RebelsThe most complex and important pieces of tradition.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: Ahsoka episode 4.]

After some long fights between Sabine and Shin, Ahsoka and Maruke, and Ahsoka and Paylan, Ahsoka gets kicked all the way off a giant cliff and appears to be killed – at least at first.

Immediately after, Sabine grabs the map but finds herself face to face with Baelan and does the only sensible thing she can do: she gives him the map in exchange for passage to Thrawn (and Ezra). But before we can continue our quest to find our missing characters, the show returns to Ahsoka, who awakens on a seemingly bridge of light in a dark space-like region.

As with almost everything in AhsokaThis new space should feel instantly familiar rebels Watchers are like a world between worlds. For others, here’s what that means:

What is the world between Ahsoka’s world?

The World Between Worlds (aka Vergence Scatter) is like a pocket dimension right next to the real world. It is a force-connected plane of existence that connects all places and times in the world through a series of doors. These doors lead to all moments that have ever happened or will ever happen.

The world between worlds is creation rebels The series is where Ezra Bridger arrives to save Ahsoka from the past. After he rescues her, the pair discover that Darth Sidious is trying to reach her using the powers of the Combined Force, but they successfully fend off his attempt.

The Dimension is a strange and mysterious part of the Force that only a few Jedi have researched, which makes it somewhat mysterious and unknown. One of those unknowns is how many ways there are to access it. We know that the Goddess Mortis painting, painted on the Jedi Temple in Lothal, is technically a gateway to the World Between Realms, although it’s based on what we just saw in AhsokaIt seems that this is not the only way in.

Is Asuka dead?

With all those absurd, convoluted, and somewhat obscure lore in mind: Ahsoka may not have died. Considering we’ve already seen her rescue across the world between worlds before, it seems very likely that it will happen again.

But the real question this time around is how exactly that happened. All we can do about that is speculate for now, but it seems possible that Anakin may have something to do with it, considering he’s the one Ahsoka meets when she finally gets there at the end of the episode.

Why is Anakin here, and is that really Hayden Christensen?

Photo: Lucasfilm

Why Anakin appears here is a mystery until at least Episode 5, and will remain so until the show reveals its answers. But the real reason Anakin is here is so that the two characters can finally meet in a live event, something fans have been asking for since the early days of animation. Clone Wars series.

As for whether or not this was actually Hayden Christensen, he was given the prestigious “f” credit at the end credits of the episode. But we’re not in 2023, Hayden Christensen, at least not exactly. Instead, it appears to be the same bizarre zombie tech they used to shrink Mark Hamill’s life for Luke Skywalker, or any of the other Star Wars characters that have traveled back in time over the past decade.

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