Supermarket employees fined for not wearing masks | Hyderabad News

Secunderabad: A supermarket in the Secunderabad cantonment area has been fined for non-compliance with key Govt-19 rules, including that employees do not wear masks.
Authorities imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 on the notice.
This is the first such incident in the Secunderabad cantonment since the Telangana government issued a GO on the implementation of the mask three days ago. When cantonment board officials visited the supermarket, they found that none of the staff were wearing masks. “We have warned the staff about wearing masks as the number of Govt-19 cases is increasing in Secunderabad Cantonment area,” a SCP senior health inspector told a Mahender TOI.
“When we went back to the supermarket on Tuesday and found the staff ignoring our request and delivering groceries, we imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 under Section 289 of the Cantonment Act 2006 and issued further notices,” the SCP official said. Meanwhile, officials also visited China Tokata, Beda Tokata and Bowen School and asked shopkeepers and mall managements to follow the Govt-19 regulations. “We also warned that trade units would be sealed,” the SCP official said.


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