Supermarket Sweep and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune both updated on ABC

Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep
Photo: ABC

ABC has updated two prime-time game shows for the second season this evening Deadline Reports Leslie Jones’s are terrific, funny, energetic, and generally delightful Supermarket Sweep Renaissance The second year will be available in the air. The wheel of celebrities Updated.

On the same basic basis It runs the original – that is, First Basically everyone does grocery shopping and specialization in the matter of the show is essential Built inSupermarket Sweep There is a very funny addition to last year’s ABC lineup. Jones, in particular, seems to enjoy hell with himself, even when rivals break her (ad Our) hearts by not finding the simplest puzzle about crackers. Further, The wheel of celebrities A show played by celebrities (Patton Oswald, Alfonso Ribeira, Leslie Jones herself and many more) The wheel of fortune.

(In fact, we know we’re only halfway to where we are now The wheel of celebrities Very boring, But we were doing some research on it In February Paul Rubens realized he was playing a guest; We are under the impression that Rubens is vaguely threatening towards the ball while playing The wheel of fortune.)

Both shows performed well for the network earlier this year Wheel Surprisingly strong hit among people who want to watch the Tony Hawk game The wheel of fortune. Sweep Nearly all of those ratings were pulled, but its flow was consistent throughout.

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