October 1, 2023

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Tattoo artist accused of sexual assault in Martinique: Man placed in pre-trial detention

Tattoo artist accused of sexual assault in Martinique: Man placed in pre-trial detention

The 39-year-old tattoo artist was yesterday (Wednesday August 30, 2023) remanded in custody at Dukos Prison Centre, accused of sexual assault and rape. A person who has already been convicted may not have respected the terms of his probation sentence.

The government confirmed this information. As of Wednesday, August 30, 2023, the tattoo artist has been incarcerated at Dukos Prison.

He is being held under a so-called temporary prison sentence order, an emergency decision made by a sentencing judge at the request of a prosecutor. This is for non-compliance with the obligations of his probation suspension announced by the court in November 2021.

Clarice Daron, Public Prosecutor, interviewed by Jean-Marc de Abreu

The man was sentenced in November 2021 for similar acts. He received an 18-month suspended sentence and a tattoo-only ban. But according to the victims, he was alone in his tattoo parlor and therefore did not respect this condition.

This imprisonment is unrelated to new truths about ourselves. For these facts, the investigation is preliminary and the concerned person has not yet been questioned.

According to the tattoo artist’s attorney, his client must await a hearing that will allow magistrates to determine whether or not he violated the terms of his probation. He also says that the man is affected by the many testimonies against him on social media.

Of course he suffers. You take on a person who has been subjected to a flood of very unpleasant comments, some of which are debatable as to veracity. An investigation has now begun as the people who know nothing about the substance of the case are outraged. It is true that he was greatly affected by this.

Philippe Senart, lawyer, interviewed by Claude Gratien

On August 19, 2023, a testimony about the famous tattoo artist on the Instagram page of Balance du Bourg Martinique provoked many reactions.
Since then, dozens of stories from women and men have denounced being sexually assaulted while tattooed by this man.

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The public prosecutor indicated in our antenna on Monday, August 28 that about twenty complaints have been filed against this tattoo artist.