Tesco, Dunnas, Aldi and other Irish supermarket Govt enhances data update security measures

The first comprehensive study of the social spread of the virus identified stores as one of the most popular areas for Govt-19.

Contact tracers investigating cases confirmed as of HSE, March 31 this week are going seven days before symptoms appear.

According to the HSE, the purpose of the source investigation is to identify the source of the infection and other contacts exposed at the time.

Of the 3,476 cases confirmed since March 31, recent data show that 787 cases require source identification. More than 60% of cases are people living in Dublin.

Shopping is 55.8% of the sources of potential exchange.

NS O’Brien, HSE’s leader in testing and tracking, said that this does not mean that there is any increased risk associated with shopping / supermarkets, but rather that it’s a common thing to say to public relations tracers to get extra peace of mind when shopping.

Security measures in Irish supermarkets due to Govit-19 are here.


The German budget company says it will use a bio-misting method to disinfect communal items such as trolleys and baskets.

A spokesman said: “In the coming days you will find a company spraying all trolleys and baskets with a special bio-misting formula in all stores.

“It will help remove, kill, and create a barrier to prevent the spread of viruses such as Govit-19.

“They spray a row of trolleys at a time, followed by baskets, and all items are immediately available for reuse.

“The system used is completely safe and has no impact on the food you choose to keep in your trolley or basket. The safety of the customer and staff will always be at the forefront of our minds and we hope you appreciate that we do what we can!”

Little has also set up Plexiglas screens of their choice and implemented social distances and limits on the number of people who can enter a store at any given time.

The company has also set up hand refineries to be used by customers to enter.


Aldi has been taking a number of precautionary measures to ensure the safety of customers.

Supermarket says customer and employee safety is their “number one priority” and has introduced a variety of measures to deal with the current crisis.

The company says they have been cleaning every store regularly, implementing social distance by clearly marking stores inside and out, installing Flexiglass screens on tils and encouraging customers to pay as much as possible without contact.

A spokesman said: “Aldi 142 stores have clear security screens installed every time for the safety of colleagues and customers.

“It already supports community-wide remote locations across the country, including social remote markers on lined floor and social store signage platforms, urging customers to respect each other’s 2m space when shopping.”


Tesco has taken a number of steps to ensure security at its 151 stores nationwide.

These are:

  • Destroy physical distant signs
  • Plexiglas screens for all updates, self-verification, and clear queue guidance
  • Cleaning stations for customers as they enter the store
  • Regular interval for sanitizer and wipes and hand washing for colleagues
  • Extra cleaning in shops and trolleys

Tannus stores

Dunnas says they have implemented a number of health and safety measures in all stores, including improved cleaning and hygiene, customer hand washing and cleaning facilities.

A statement on their website reads:

“We wash our hands every 30 minutes and make arrangements to follow good cough etiquette and respiratory hygiene.

“We have a significantly increased cleaning and sanitation program in all stores, including trolleys, checkpoints and baskets. Our frequent cleaning of all high frequency hand contact points is complemented by regular deep cleaning with specialized industrial cleaning agents.

“In addition, every store has a“ cleaning station ”where customers can get their own antibacterial spray to wipe their own trolleys or basket handles.

“We’ve got a substantial amount of gloves and masks and gloves for customers to wear for our employees. We offer this choice because some people find it safe to wear gloves.

“However, we continue to recommend HSE guidelines that hands should be washed regularly every 30 minutes as one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of Govt-19 corona virus.

“A comprehensive community remote plan has been developed in all stores, designed to make it easier for customers to maintain the distance advised.

“Safety plastic screens are installed at belt checkouts and kiosks in all stores.

“The hand cleaning machine is available to customers and shop groups in all our stores.

“Since the outbreak of Covit-19, Dunnas Stores has been in regular contact with HSE, using their identities throughout our stores to reinforce behaviors to keep everyone safe. This reliable and expert source is our guide to Covit-19.”


Superwall says their “first priority” is to protect employees and customers at this time.

A report on their website says: “There are a variety of preventive measures in place at our Superwall stores to prevent the spread of Govt-19.

“By cleaning the shops as a measure to prevent trolley and basket handling, we have excessive cleaning and cleaning protocols. Please run any direction given by the store on the donoi or by signage.”

The supermarket added: “We ask for your support in implementing these necessary steps:

  • Wash your hands when entering.
  • We need to reduce the number of people entering the store during busy times
  • Buy what you need and we will save again every day
  • Use non-contact or card payments as much as possible – the non-contact door has been raised to 50
  • Cough or sneeze on your elbow
  • Ask if you need any help

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