Tesco introduces a new ban called ‘crazy’ by supermarket shoppers

Supermarket shoppers walked out after Tesco announced a new rule in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

The retailer has confirmed that it will ban plate liners and non-essential plastic bags from all online orders. Birmingham Live Reports.

The move is set to take effect on April 19, and will affect delivery and click and collect orders.

A Tesco spokesperson said on social media: “Accept this Easter challenge and share your success using the #NoTimeForWasteChallenge.

“We have teamed up with environmental charity Hub to challenge you to reduce your food waste at home. Check out our tips, accept the challenge and share your success #NoTimeForWasteChallenge. ”

But one customer retorted: “Have you realized how difficult it is for you to deliver food to the elderly and the disabled? And the plates are usually dirty. The liners were adequate.”

A quiz was added: “Tesco, instead #everylittlehelps please #givealittlehelp By resetting bags or plate liners for customers struggling with physical and mental disabilities. People should not be afraid of an essential food stall. Life will be enough. ”

Stuart wrote: “Every week we have our weekly store provided by Tesco, which is packed with tray liners and can then be put in the recycling bin. “

Martin wrote: “I run a large online store from Tesco every week, spending an average of 100.00 a week – sometimes less and sometimes more. I’m now thinking about pushing Tesco away from all of my shopping sitting loosely on plastic trays.

Another wrote: “Tesco may reconsider their recent order banning plate liners for home supplies. They are primarily intended to carry groceries inside and to protect groceries from dirty plastic trucks that need to be cleaned and cleaned daily.”

“I agree that reducing plastic waste is in principle a good thing, and removing trailers / bags when serving it to people is a terrible idea, and I’m very sorry for how bad the whole experience can be now,” Emma wrote.

“I’m also worried about the liners stopping. It would be a dream come true as a family of 6 people !!!” Another agreed.

“I am totally stunned by the logic stated at this end, I suffer with RA, so it takes me a very long time to empty the plates when my delivery arrives,” Diane said.

Denise wrote: “I’ve been reading that you remove plate liners. So you expect people with disabilities to bend over and take everything … and you can’t come to our house … it’s discriminating against people with disabilities and the elderly … crazy.”

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Sophia Harrison

Part time worker

I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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